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15421Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2020-06-30 17:09
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Tocdorin  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Summary15421: Survey group Permission : minimal system
DescriptionCurrently :
1. Survey group didn't have Permission :
     1. Who can view/edit Group Information
     2. Who can add/remove survey in this group
     3. Who can manage default settings in this group
2. Survey inside this group didn't have «inherited» Permission
     1. Copy/paste the permissions of Survey in Group
      2. Permission check 1: global, 2: Survey group, 3: Survey
Additional InformationProposition :

Global permission :
1. CRUD on Survey group
Survey group
1. owner
2. CRUD on survey group

No update of anything in survey

- Default SUrvey group : readable by all
- Add current Survey group in Survey even if it can not be readed
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related to 16428 closedDenisChenu Bug reports Simple user reset Survey group to default one 
related to 16440 testingcdorin Feature requests Survey group Permission : minimal system 




2019-10-18 14:43

developer   ~54099

I want to know if suche feature is OK to be inserted after 4.X is out ?


2020-01-17 15:50

developer   ~55362

@cdorin : the feature is this one

1. Create permission sustem for Survey Group management itself with
     1. Who is allow to see/update/delete SurveyGroup
     2. Who is allowed to Add/remove Survey inside SurveyGroup
2. Create minimal permission for survey inside Survey group. When checking if user can (update|read…) a survey :
     1. checking global right, if true : return true
     2. Checking Survey group rights : if true : return true
     3. Checking survey rights : if true return true
     4. return false

Can i propose to be included in core directly ?


2020-01-24 09:37

reporter   ~55448

We are in need of this feature as well, +1


2020-01-27 15:17

manager   ~55485

Hmm, for point 1) we need to think properly (survey permissions vs survey group permissions at the global level of user permission system). Same for point 2. Won't say no to this, I will assign it to myself to quickly discuss it with the team as well.

I am not against introducing it after 4.x, but there are other features and things that need to be done before getting back to the permission system.


2020-01-27 15:32

developer   ~55486

@cdorin : i need to know if such system can be added or not …

About global Permission : you 're right

1. Global
- Survey groups : CRUD with owner (like survey
2. By group (by user)
- Right for Group settings
- Right for add/remove surveys inside groupe
3. Survey inside groups : Copy survey permission to 'Survey in this group'


PS : currently only Superadmin can manage survey in group and Survey group

Survey group have really a lack of Permission functionality to be used :)


2020-06-16 16:21

developer   ~58312

User story for #3 : Survey inside groups : Copy survey permission to 'Survey in this group'

1. Have an "Accoutancy" department
2. Create a Survey group "Accountancy Survey"
3. Add "Accoutancy" director to have Read rights on all survey in "Accountancy Survey"
4. Put all accountancy surveys in "Accountancy Survey"
5. Some time ago : a new "Accoutancy" assitanst come : give him the rights on the group only for survey inside group.
6 No need to manage who can access to survey inside this group …


2020-06-16 16:24

developer   ~58313

User story for #1 : Group owner

1. Create a user who can create group and surey
2. This user can create 2 groups (for example) Draft, Ready, Archived
3. This user can manage is own survey like he want.


2020-06-16 16:27

developer   ~58314

User story for #2 : Add/Remove surveys from Group

1. User 1 are the manager
2. User 2 and 3 have Survey create and Group create
3. User 1 check survey of 2 and 3 before lauching and put is OK
4. User 1 create a group "To be validated" survey group
5. User 1 give the right to 2 and 3 to move survey inside the group "To be validated"


2020-06-16 16:33

developer   ~58315

User story for #2 + #3

Company system :
- User trainee can create survey
- User reviewer must review all survey before send to manager checking
- Manager check the survey finally and activate / move to public.

Manager want to see only Rewiewed sureys, not trainee surveys when he connect to admin.


2020-06-25 09:17

developer   ~58435

@cdorin : any news ???


2020-06-25 09:21

developer   ~58436

Real situation (with another client on 3.X)

User story for #3
- I have more than 100 surveys in instance
- I create group for project
- Organism have different services, each services manage their own surveys
- Then finally : i create groups for each services
- I manage more than twenty survey for some services.
- If one user enter in the services : i need to update rights on 20 surveys
- WIth the new system : i can just add him in "Group/survey part" right


2020-06-25 09:40

partner   ~58437

@DenisChenu, so one benefit would be that a user who belongs to survey group X can be allowed to access all surveys within that survey group but no surveys at other groups, correct?


2020-06-25 09:41

partner   ~58438

Second question, how do you plan to integrate this? Will it be a feature added to core or a plugin?

Can we make this available for Limesurvey 3 as well?


2020-06-25 09:44

developer   ~58439

@Mazi : yes for example

But for example

User have 'read' rights on all survey on all group (Global rights) but not update/delete
Same user have 'Update right' on all survey inside a specific group

Since user have only "read rights" on Group1 : he can not move survey for Group1 to Group2
But he can mopve Survey fromGroup2 to "No group" OR to Group1 (if he have the right to add surey in Group1 (Permission :By group )


2020-06-25 09:45

developer   ~58440

> Second question, how do you plan to integrate this? Will it be a feature added to core or a plugin?

I ask it for core … else : i already start on it …
I can add it partially in core, but allow extend Permission

> Can we make this available for Limesurvey 3 as well?

… no …


2020-06-25 14:55

developer   ~58453

Can we just add "Create permission sustem for Survey Group management itself with "

And allow plugin toi extend Permission (like [getGlobalBasePermissions]( but getPermissions with 'object" (survey or group or … future)


2020-06-25 16:49

administrator   ~58480

Last edited: 2020-06-25 16:50

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Could a plugin provide this functionality?

Or, what changes would be needed to make this work for a plugin?


2020-06-25 17:13

developer   ~58481

> Could a plugin provide this functionality?


> Or, what changes would be needed to make this work for a plugin?

We need a clean way to add "manage group page" at minimum. But : i really think managing group rights must be in core … (i think there are already bug reported about this)
Then : adding in core :

1. Create permission sustem for Survey Group management itself with
    - Who is allow to see/update/delete SurveyGroup
    - Who is allowed to Add/remove Survey inside SurveyGroup
2. Add getBasePermissions with 'object' as group (adding survey after) to add line like we do for

Else : i can always do like i done with [smtpByUser]( … and again and again …


2020-06-25 17:15

developer   ~58482

Last edited: 2020-06-25 17:19

View 2 revisions

1. New tab : Permission for this group
In this tab : screensjot

But only 2 columns :
- Edit group settings (name, description)
- Manage group in Survey group :
    - Create => Add survey
    - Read: false
    - Update => remove
   - Deleted : false (you don't delete survey, your remove survey from list)
   - Import => false (since when import : no way to set Survey group currently)
   - export => false (it's SureyGroup management, not survey managemen)

And the other : Survey in group : read/write/ … etc … can be done in plugin


2020-06-25 17:25

developer   ~58483

Else : just edit group line …

And a global settings : group : read/write/…


2020-06-25 17:26

administrator   ~58485

> Who is allow to see/update/delete SurveyGroup

Are all survey groups accessible for all users right now?


2020-06-25 17:37

partner   ~58487

I don't think it makes much sense to "somehow" try to get this added into a plugin. I agree it shuld be a core feature.


2020-06-25 17:56

developer   ~58488

> Are all survey groups accessible for all users right now?

No, and there are an issue : i just check

As super admin
1. Create an user with 'create survey right'
2. Give him all rights on one survey
3. Set this survey to "TEST" group
4. Log out
5. Log in as restricted user
6. Edit survey global settings : surey is set to Default group

I report the issue

Seems an user with Survey/all/edit have access to all group


2020-06-25 22:04

manager   ~58504

Last edited: 2020-06-25 22:07

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Is there anything that you need @DenisChenu to have in core so that the rest can come as a plug-in?

CRUD should be done at the global level imo (see other bug report linked to the ticket).


2020-06-26 08:49

developer   ~58510

I need a Permission edit page, and i already explain i can create it.

Clearly : we **need** a minimal Permission systeml for group.

Seems currently Group follow Survey Permission (i have to check the code), then : when update (DB). because an user with only "Create survey" can not see ANY Survey Group …

1. Create default Global Permission Survey Group to have no difference between the version for existing user.
2. Set all group to the 1st forcedSuperAdmin (if there are none : the 1st superadmin) for owner
3. Global Permission : Group : Create/read (all)/edit (all). This mean
    - editing Survey Group description, title
    - Adding remove Survey in the Group
4. Adding Survey Group Permission with
   - Survey group description, title etc …
   - Add/remove Survey inside Group

And here : question what for Survey in the group.
My opinion : stay like this : you can see a group , but not the survey inside.
Then add a [Permission plugin event]( to allow update of `$criteriaPerm` before [merge it](


2020-06-29 18:29

developer   ~58562

Else : like always : i do whole with plugin … more work for me, and less feature for LimeSurey core.

Next time a client want something incorporated in core (and here : it's clearly a good things)

Same client ask for random organizer : i make it in plugin


2020-06-30 15:24

administrator   ~58582

Last edited: 2020-06-30 15:24

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From IRC team meeting: Let's try to make some mocks of the interface to see how the feature would look like when finished. The mocks should be made in English.


2020-06-30 16:39

developer   ~58587


2020-06-30 16:41

developer   ~58588


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