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14711Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-08-20 13:49
ReporterMazi Assigned Top_teichmann  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Summary14711: Add comment field to advanced question settings
DescriptionEspecially when designing more complex surveys or creating surveys with a team it would help a lot if we could have a very simple "Comment" field available for each question (similar to the "CSS class" field) at the advanced question settings.
A simple textarea as additional question attribute would do the trick.
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related to 14723 assignedcdorin Development  Global attribute or question dependance 




2019-04-01 16:25

developer   ~51249

???? only used fo admin user ? To explain usage of the question ?
Easy to be done in plugin, but needed in core ?


2019-04-01 17:29

partner   ~51250

A Test and comment mode for testing would be nice too. Not that simple to implement, but shameless promotion.


2019-04-01 18:07

partner   ~51260

Of course a fully test feature would be far more complex, but let's start small.

This could also be a plugin, sure, but why not adding core functionality that is easy to implement using the existing question attributes into the code of the already existing question attribute handling.
This should be no super-special feature, just something small and useful to lots of users.


2019-04-01 18:21

developer   ~51261

Because current core attribute is so big … add it in plugins/adminComment.php in LimeSurvey core and you have the same thing, just need activation. Then you have it if you need, but don't have it if you don't need.
See and try to fix one sentence in this file ?

More easy to fix and improve in plugins/adminComment.php file : ~ 100 lines or less file …

I add to fix office360 in develop. It can be in core, but really more simple in plugin (since plugin allow ALL email update).


2019-04-02 15:33

partner   ~51277

@c_schmitz, we could implement this as a new question attribute for LS 4 and also take care of the documentation. Can we go ahead?


2019-04-02 15:40

developer   ~51278

Last edited: 2019-04-02 15:40

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@Mazi : please : take in account usage . The usage are only for big company where there are multiple user‘s

To add it in core plugin ( puglins/ or core/plugins) you just need part (here 2.6lts + 3.X compatible).
To activate it by default :



2019-04-02 15:42

administrator   ~51279

In LS4 attributes are defined by the questiontypes xml so this can be implemented very quickly.


2019-04-02 15:44

developer   ~51280

It can be , but here : need a global (for ALL question type).


2019-04-02 15:46

developer   ~51281

Last edited: 2019-04-02 15:54

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@markusfluer : we can not add in 4.0 a global attribute ?
See cssclass for example ?

Maybe something must be done array extend multiple extend base : base have cssclass ?
I open a Dev report



2019-07-30 15:21

developer   ~53043

Patrick, please, give us a feedback on that


2019-08-19 09:57

administrator   ~53189

@LouisGac yes it should be easily possible to define another attribute or even add it to the array after or before reading the xml


2019-08-19 11:17

developer   ~53194

Last edited: 2019-08-19 11:18

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For 3.X

See screenshot for usage.

Best usage for token related survey (or with reloadAnyResponse)



2019-08-19 11:17




2020-08-19 23:01

partner   ~59536

@DenisChenu, where will the survey admin see the comments and where are the entered comments stored?
Does the plugin use its own tables for storing the responses?


2020-08-20 13:26

developer   ~59554

> @DenisChenu, where will the survey admin see the comments and where are the entered comments stored?

Need reloadanyresponse (it 's done for this)

> Does the plugin use its own tables for storing the responses?

If i remind : yes.


2020-08-20 13:49

partner   ~59555

What's "reloadanyresponse"? You mean this only works for non-anonymous token based surveys with token based answer persistance enabled?

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