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14408Feature requestsSecuritypublic2019-08-27 11:03
Reporteradelphi_user Assigned Toc_schmitz  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Summary14408: DSVGO - sending passwort in plain-text with an e-mail is no longer allowed

If a user registers to continue the survey later, an e-mail will be sent to him. In this e-mail the user will find the password in plain text. You can also find the password in plain-text in the URL.
According to the new DSVGO, the sending of passwords in plain-text with an e-mail is no longer allowed. That's why our data protection officer is getting on my roof.
How do you want to deal with this problem in the future?


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related to 15190 closedc_schmitz Bug reports Assigned administration user password is generated randomly, but not time-limited and user is not required to change it 
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2019-01-09 11:54

developer   ~50131

Same for "Create admin user" => we must use "Single password system"



2019-01-09 14:54

reporter   ~50135

dont call it password ;-)



2019-01-09 15:26

developer   ~50137

Else : in my opinion : must have a checkbox "Put complete link for reload" Y/N : N is better, but Y didn't update for other user.

My general global opinion : muts move whole register system to plugin/extension/module …



2019-01-10 15:11

developer   ~50146

dont call it password seems a good solution :)



2019-03-13 12:02

partner   ~50945

1.) Which section of the DSGVO / GDPR is forbidding passwords via E-Mail?

But even without DSGVO/GDPR sending passwords directly per E-Mail is not good practice.
Why? You assume that the email is reaching the recipient.

For Save / Resume I would recommend to show a precreate "Surveykey, Accesskey" (plus QRCode) and allow people to choose to let it send to them via E-Mail. Their choice.

Allow to not send a password via E-Mail. If you send a password via E-Mail, make it temporary or at least first sign forces change of password.



2019-03-13 12:16

developer   ~50947

@jelo :

  1. Save and resume :
  2. Admin email :


2019-03-14 11:16

reporter   ~50976

@adelphi_user, can you pinpoint the article in GDPR that stipulates that? I also know that it is not recommended, but still "acceptable".

Nevertheless, we are aware of the issue you describe and we will change it in the upcoming version; I hope :)



2019-08-27 11:03

administrator   ~53281

This issue is about sending the token key and participation link when a user registers for a survey. We all agree this is acceptable because the password is a single-use random password.
Discussion has swerved to other problems with password - please discuss that in the particular issues, instead - thank you.

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