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14049Feature requestsSecuritypublic2019-08-27 11:17
ReporterJelle_S Assigned Toc_schmitz  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Summary14049: Don't send plain text passwords through mail

When a new user is created, his or her password is sent in plain text. This is generally considered a bad and insecure practice. It would be better to send them a one-time use login url to set their password.

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duplicate of 15190 closedc_schmitz Bug reports Assigned administration user password is generated randomly, but not time-limited and user is not required to change it 
related to 14408 closedc_schmitz Feature requests DSVGO - sending passwort in plain-text with an e-mail is no longer allowed 
related to 12427 closedc_schmitz Feature requests Passwords allow for preceeding and trailing spaces 




2018-09-14 14:30

developer   ~49036

And we have one time password system,
+1 on this feature



2019-02-06 10:37

reporter   ~50420

(is this the right place to vote for new features?)

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