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13835Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2020-02-20 08:49
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
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Summary13835: hidden attribute : by Expression Manager

Currently hidden attribute is true or false.
But sometimes : user want value set if question is not shown
One idea can be hidden byEM

Additional Information

Example :
Q1 - Multiple checkbox : 1 to many
Q2 - single choice filtered by Q1

If Q1 have only one choice : Q2 is set to this choice
If Q1 have multiple choice : Q2 are shown

Current solution

  • add Q2final hidden
  • add Q2set to set Q2 final according to Q1 choice

Adding EM for hidden allow to remove Q2final

Another one

  • Your name
  • Billing to "You name" Yes/No
  • If no : show Billing name
    User like to have Billing name always filled
    Without config.php access : need another column.
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related to 11665 new More ways to hide a question 




2018-07-03 13:46

developer   ~48443

Alternative solution : deletenonvalues by question (advanced settings)



2019-04-08 18:26

developer   ~51422



2020-02-20 08:49

developer   ~56102

It can be better to add plugin functionnality for this

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