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10987Feature requestsPluginspublic2019-06-12 18:30
Reporterakeyser Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Summary10987: Plugin settings of type "password" are stored in plain text

We are designing a plugin that has a setting of type 'password'. This (undocumented) setting type presents an input field with type="password", effectively masking the password to the user that types it in; this is expected, usual behaviour.

However, the input is stored directly in the database, in plain text, without any type of encoding. This may present a security risk.

Additional Information

Food for thought:

Where does the responsibility of encoding and decoding password settings lie? With the plugin developer, or with the LimeSurvey application that provides this setting type to begin with?

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related to 12603 closeddominikvitt Bug reports Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text 




2016-04-20 11:39

developer   ~37585

Remark 1 : LS core already save SMTP password in clear text in DB
Remark 2 : Plugin passwoird is shown in HTML flow : this is the bug , not save in DB

Remark 3 : plugin are allowed to extend getPluginSettings and saveSettings
Then YOUR plugin can crypt the password the way the plugin want, and not core want.

Think it's more a feature request.



2016-04-20 11:43

reporter   ~37586

Note: There is no truly secure way for storing the password.

However we can apply encryption to protect from a DB only breach.

  1. We have an encryption password (something that is unique for each installation and not stored in the database.
  2. We encrypt the password using that encryption key, before storing it.
  3. We decrypt the password upon fetching it.


  • The plugin developer can choose whether or not to serve the saved (decrypted) password as a default / current value, that is not up to us.
  • In case both the filesystem and database are breached this offers no protection.
  • We can't use hashing here since the password needs to be available in cleartext for use by the plugin.


2016-04-20 14:17

developer   ~37605

Move to feature , and question is

  • Did LS must crypt the password of plugin by default or not.


2019-06-12 18:30

developer   ~52382

I think i add a options encryt=>true/false :)
And then add the default behaviour for saving :)

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