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07810User patchesSurvey designpublic2014-01-11 09:04
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Summary07810: date/time questions: Implement max/min date for calender

In the date/time question only maximum and minimum years can be set but not full dates.

My plan is to expand the date/time question so the maximum and minimum date can be set that a user is allowed to pick in the calender. I do not want to add extra fields to the advanced question attributes to prevent cluttering up the user interface.

How I plan to implement:
Expand the capabilities of the dropdown_dates_year_min/dropdown_dates_year_max fields so they can take full dates. In the code I also want to check whether only a year or a full date is entered and handle this appropriately. Thus, existing surveys (with only a year entered) will continue to work as they used to.

Files planned to change: qanda_helper.php (handling of dates), date.js (minor adjustments for parameters), common_helper.php (adjust caption and help), translation (maybe...)

I started to work in beta3 and it looks pretty straightforward.

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2013-07-14 00:42

reporter   ~25791

Issued pull request:



2013-08-13 15:18

reporter   ~25995

Implemented for 2.05.
Thanks for the merge, Sammousa!

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LimeSurvey: 2.05 cac6f7bb

2013-08-13 12:31:53


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Merge pull request #96 from mfaber/datepicker5

New feature 07810: Implement max/min date for date question
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