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12879User patchesAdmin Toolspublic2017-11-09 12:57
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Summary12879: Core: LDAP authentication, Multiple bases ND

separated by a semicolon (;) doesn't seem to work $usersearchbase doesn't take the string with separator (;)

\application\core\plugins\AuthLDAP\AuthLDAP.php ligne 499
We have to split the string and declare multiple connection

Steps To Reproduce

Field "Base DN for the user search operation. Multiple bases may be separated by a semicolon (;)" in AuthLDAP plugin :

Additional Information

In AuthLDAP.php I replace from 499 to 501 by 499 to 519 :

        $dn = explode(";",$usersearchbase);

        // Match connection elements to count of dn elements
        for($x=0; $x < count($dn); $x++)
            $conn[] = $ldapconn;

        $dnsearchres = ldap_search($conn, $dn, $usersearchfilter, array($searchuserattribute));

        for($x=0; $x < count($dn); $x++)
            if ($rescount[$x] == 1)
                $userentry=ldap_get_entries($ldapconn, $dnsearchres[$x]);
                $userdn = $userentry[0]["dn"];

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