Scheduled For Release 2021-01-11
17318: [File manager] File manager doesn't work when uploaddir is set in config.php (p_teichmann)
17266: [Other] zip_open is deprecated (c_schmitz)
17220: [Survey editing] Cannot attach PDF to email invitation (email template for surveys) (gabrieljenik)
17267: [Question theme] Allow to update question theme by uploading zip file again (ollehar)
17016: [Survey editing] Slider attributes not saved correctly (pstelling)
17021: [Survey editing] Saving question fails (ollehar)
17023: [Survey editing] Question editor broken (ollehar)
17010: [Survey editing] Admin personal setting not implemented (gabrieljenik)
17009: [Survey editing] Custom attributes for question themes not shown (DenisChenu)
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