Scheduled For Release 2020-03-09
16223: [_ Unknown] Missing unit test for RDP_RunFunction
17252: [Assets] Don't serve assets from application folder (gabrieljenik)
16919: [Other] Missing test suite for survey group permissions (ollehar)
16843: [Security] Review label sets permissions (c_schmitz)
17236: [Installation] PHP 8 not supported yet (c_schmitz)
17233: [Survey taking] Question index is broken for the attached survey (postgres only) (c_schmitz)
17245: [Question editor] Pagination does not preserve on-off switch for question themes (ollehar)
17249: [Database design] Never use the boolean database type (ollehar)
16067: [User / Groups / Roles] The system will create the user even id there is an error to fix. (c_schmitz)
16931: [Other] Question Type Selector not working (cdorin)
16929: [Other] Pop up Editor does not work in group editor (cdorin)
16930: [Other] HTML Editor inline mode not working in Question Editor View (cdorin)
16229: [_ Unknown] Random answer order currently broken (gabrieljenik)
16380: [User / Groups / Roles] On clicking on delete user icon from user control screen lands in different page & Delete icon is highlighted by default
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