Scheduled For Release 2020-01-14
17488: [Survey editing] Cannot view survey after updating to version 3.27.9 with custom twig extension (breaks survey) (ollehar)
17308: [Response browsing] Submission date on view response details (survey responses) showing odd dates (galads)
15870: [Expression Manager] Show warning if a (sub-) question has empty expression
16294: [Installation] Installer does not check for gd jpeg support
17067: [Expression Manager] Expression in array by column does not work (ollehar)
17381: [Question editor] Missing evaluation of EM in CSS script field (gabrieljenik)
17489: [Survey editing] No question relevance field for array-by-column question type (gabrieljenik)
17559: [Data Entry (non public)] Data entry screen 500 server error (Using $this when not in object context) (galads)
17364: [Expression Manager] {SURVEYURL} does not get replaced in admin email notification (ollehar)
17259: [Other] Global setting does not seem to make sense (ollehar)
16983: [LimeSurvey Website] File extensions are dropped when uploading files (c_schmitz)
15639: [_ Unknown] Symbol is Undefined on IE11 (cdorin)
16786: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token editor mixes up invitation sent / reminder sent when manually editing token / survey participant (adamzammit)
16695: [RemoteControl] JSON RPC Remote Control methods are not sent as expected to server (gabrieljenik)
15706: [_ Unknown] Support PHP 7.4 (ollehar)
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