Scheduled For Release 2019-07-03
17542: [Authentication] Authwebserver plugin not working anymore (c_schmitz)
17346: [Question editor] Personal setting default question type is ignored when creating questions (gabrieljenik)
16157: [Other] multiple choice option "other" cannot be selected without entering a text
17477: [Expression Manager] Make it possible to use answer option text in expression script. (galads)
17508: [Other] LInks at Expression Engine descriptions lead you out of logged-in backend (c_schmitz)
17345: [Question editor] Personal Settings: Default Question Type is not saved as expected. (gabrieljenik)
17360: [Question editor] Cannot save display theme option button size for bootstrap button question type (gabrieljenik)
17344: [Question theme] It's possible to uninstall core question theme, but then question editor breaks (ollehar)
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