Scheduled For Release 2019-08-12
15306: [Survey design] Can't upload file in "Create survey" view
15297: [Survey design] Misc issues with question themes
15299: [Survey design] Unable to open links in question organizer in the sidebar
15302: [Survey design] Save buttons missing
15301: [Survey design] "Execute survey" should be "Preview survey" in survey is not activated
15298: [Survey design] Survey topbar is not shown after clicking on any link on the left menu
15300: [Theme editor] "Upload template file" should probably say "Upload theme"
15288: [Other] Global JS build script says "success" even if there are errors
15286: [Security] Don't use eval in JS
15278: [Survey design] Unable to open "Add question" page
15276: [Survey design] Wrong top bar shown when creating a new group
15269: [_ Unknown] Issue with topbar: buttons are not correctly shown in one line
15267: [Other] Translation strings in vue templates must be picked up by glotpress
15268: [Survey taking] Randomization group not working in LS4
15255: [Survey design] Minor inconsistency in button placement
15263: [Plugins] Check if PHP zip extension is installed in plugin manager (ollehar)
15270: [_ Unknown] issue one base lang hide language bar in create question view (JHoeck)
15251: [Other] File manager broken (markusfluer)
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