Scheduled For Release 2019-10-23
15103: [Survey editing] No menu link to organize
15856: [_ Unknown] Remove all get_magic_quotes_gpc from the code base
15853: [_ Unknown] Add permission checks to file manager
15847: [_ Unknown] Remove hardcoded MIME type svg+xml
15543: [Plugins] Document changes in plugin API for question attributes
15702: [Survey editing] Script text field should be read-only when user is not allowed to add scripts
15797: [Other] Property "Question.groups" is not defined. (ollehar)
15781: [Survey editing] File manager: copy file buttons are not disappearing (JHoeck)
15772: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Participant settings not saved correctly (nietzschean)
15858: [_ Unknown] Setup postgres for Travis (ollehar)
15805: [Plugins] Plugins duplicated (ollehar)
15787: [Assessments] Can not delete assessment when title is empty (cdorin)
15777: [User / Groups / Roles] Adding user roles with massive action not working (cdorin)
15770: [User / Groups / Roles] User management panel massive action "Edit permissions" not working (cdorin)
15758: [Survey editing] Slider settings not saved (cdorin)
15743: [Survey editing] Script field in Questioneditor should be locked when XSS filtering is enabled for non superadmins (cdorin)
15724: [_ Unknown] JS test uses milliseconds, breaks randomly (cdorin)
15633: [_ Unknown] Deleting survey page leads to 404 (cdorin)
15766: [Survey editing] Upload multiple files - error message displayed - upload works (JHoeck)
15697: [Survey editing] Quick add and predefined label sets should be greted out when survey is active (JHoeck)
15780: [Survey editing] Filemanager: Tooltips for files are wrong (JHoeck)
15767: [User / Groups / Roles] Users (super admin user) could change pw using massive action (eddylackmann)
15771: [User / Groups / Roles] Adding users to group using massive action of user management panel exception (eddylackmann)
15778: [User / Groups / Roles] User managment grid view action "take ownership" changes owner immediatly (eddylackmann)
15859: [Import/Export] Token can be truncated in SPSS export (TonisOrmisson)
15861: [_ Unknown] Stat function tests break on postgres (DenisChenu)
15866: [_ Unknown] Condition designer doesn't work in postgres (ollehar)
15834: [Security] Missing permission check in PHP when saving question data (ollehar)
15451: [Survey taking] Answer options randomization does not work (ollehar)
15584: [Survey editing] Error when adding list-radio answer with code "0" (cdorin)
15715: [Other] Adjust the message when accessing for the first time theme editor (JHoeck)
15722: [Survey editing] Answers not sorted correctly in list-radio question (markusfluer)
15728: [Survey editing] Additional languages not displayed when using Sourcecode editor (markusfluer)
15598: [Expression Manager] intval : broken interpretation of string start by integer in JS (DenisChenu)
15726: [Survey editing] Localized custom question attributes not displayed correctly in the admin GUI (p_teichmann)
15730: [Survey editing] The "Script" input element does not change with language (markusfluer)
15757: [Survey editing] 403 error when deleting questions (nietzschean)
15786: [Assessments] No groupdata is shown for the selector in assessments (p_teichmann)
15721: [Survey editing] Cannot delete answer options in list-radio (cdorin)
15585: [Survey editing] Custom question attributes not available (p_teichmann)
15699: [Survey editing] "File metadata" tab should be removed in gender (p_teichmann)
15727: [Survey taking] Question text translations not displayed in the front end (p_teichmann)
15544: [Survey taking] Redesign question overview view (cdorin)
15527: [Survey editing] Advanced question attributes are not populated when changing question types (ollehar)
15511: [_ Unknown] Error modal in user management looks different than other (eddylackmann)
15510: [_ Unknown] Missing tooltips for user management action buttons (eddylackmann)
15525: [Survey taking] Cannot open upload file modal more than once (markusfluer)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-01-14
15870: [Expression Manager] Show warning if a (sub-) question has empty expression
15706: [_ Unknown] Support PHP 7.4 (ollehar)
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