Released 2022-04-10
18224: [User / Groups / Roles] Can't set Survey Permissions for User Group when usercontrolSameGroupPolicy is false (DenisChenu)
       18297: [User / Groups / Roles] Survey permissions menu does not work (DenisChenu)
17661: [Survey taking] Resume from link: "no matching saved response" (galads)
17945: [Survey editing] Unclear about Expression manager forced in atribute (DenisChenu)
18152: [Theme editor] Unable to manage theme with debug set (gabrieljenik)
18164: [Survey editing] Unable to use " in regexp validation (DenisChenu)
18170: [Data Entry (non public)] Database error when clicking entry to edit and survey was deactivated (DenisChenu)
17840: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Participant attribute with html LS 5.2.9 (gabrieljenik)
18288: [User / Groups / Roles] Can't assign groups to surveys (DenisChenu)
18006: [Plugins] Unable to use statCountIf to have a "unicity" control on whole response (DenisChenu)
17039: [Survey editing] Missing .map files under tmp/etc. (DenisChenu)
17671: [Other] Grammar Correct: User management -> Selected user(s) (gabrieljenik)
16328: [RemoteControl] invite_participants exits on first error (gabrieljenik)
18085: [Assets] Renamed custom theme not updated in global survey settings (gabrieljenik)
18146: [Survey editing] Using "other" as subquestion code at array questions leads to saving error (DenisChenu)
18136: [Plugins] Core plugin PasswordRequirement shows duplicate setting fields (DenisChenu)
18201: [Import/Export] Unable to import LSA file with MSSQL and debug set (DenisChenu)
17804: [Question editor] InputOnDemand is not loading all prior rows when navigating back (gabrieljenik)
17976: [Survey editing] Bad place for pencil in edit question (gabrieljenik)
18158: [RemoteControl] Property "CDbCriteria.qid" is not defined status returned by delete_question (DenisChenu)
17005: [Ergonomy] Bad HTML disable label (invalid id) (DenisChenu)
13304: [Survey editing] Survey setting tooltips misplaced (gabrieljenik)
17031: [Other] Page instead of Group name (pstelling)
18035: [Conditions] Conditions does not work for all in one surveys (DenisChenu)
17988: [Conditions] Order of questions in condition designer is arbitrarily / not logical (gabrieljenik)
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