Released 2021-03-08
14460: [Central participant database] Text to be updated - add participant(s) to survey button - cpdb (JHoeck)
14887: [_ Unknown] Groupe de questionnaire innaccessible pour les gestionnaires autres que super admin (DenisChenu)
15854: [Other] Cannot open pop up editor - subquestions (an extra page refresh needed) (gabrieljenik)
16604: [Conditions] Adding condition triggers bulk update for complete database (gabrieljenik)
17149: [User / Groups / Roles] UserGroup::hasUser() incorrectly returns true for all non-superadmins (ollehar)
14732: [User / Groups / Roles] Superadmin user cannot modify members of a group he don't belong (c_schmitz)
15500: [Plugins] getSurveyInfo() fails with fatal error for a plugin from console when tokens table with attributes set (ollehar)
15683: [_ Unknown] Error after changing the language to Tajik (c_schmitz)
16821: [Survey taking] Save-survey passwords leaked in URL and emails (c_schmitz)
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