Released 2021-03-08
17158: [Menu system] Question type: List (Ratio) does not save state. (ollehar)
15852: [Accessibility] No login with long pssword (ollehar)
16954: [Theme editor] Themes Variations are saved, but not applied, can't be used (gabrieljenik)
16347: [Installation] Error while updating database (c_schmitz)
16723: [Response browsing] SPSS data export does not include any delimiters after lastpage field (c_schmitz)
17024: [Other] Missing string to translate (gabrieljenik)
17027: [Survey editing] Personal settings " Show script field: " to no throw error (ollehar)
17037: [Other] Question attribute: Time limit disable prev (JHoeck)
17063: [Survey editing] Survey general settings crashes (c_schmitz)
17085: [Survey editing] unable to copy a survey from another (c_schmitz)
17102: [ComfortUpdate] (4.4.8) installedthemes.php deleted by Comfort Update (c_schmitz)
17138: [Theme editor] 404 after delete a theme (ollehar)
17164: [Menu system] (4.4.11) Closing of unsaved Survey Group leads to 404 (c_schmitz)
16730: [Survey editing] A lot of attribute can not be translated in admin GUI (ollehar)
17016: [Survey editing] Slider attributes not saved correctly (pstelling)
17021: [Survey editing] Saving question fails (ollehar)
17035: [Other] Question attribute: always hide this question not working (pstelling)
17096: [Theme editor] Configuration => themes => error 500 (ollehar)
17159: [Menu system] Question type: Array dual scale doesn't save state. (ollehar)
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