Released 2021-02-01
17052: [Survey editing] Access to survey denied if owner is not in survey permission list (DenisChenu)
15533: [Survey editing] Add question : always at 1st in selected group (cdorin)
15709: [Survey editing] No Expression CSS in question view (cdorin)
16066: [Translation] No warning of "No additional languages have been added". (cdorin)
15865: [Ergonomy] No way to set position when copyinhg a question (cdorin)
16114: [Survey editing] Question theme not always saved (cdorin)
16138: [Other] Question order (cdorin)
16000: [Survey editing] Addin a question after creating a question group (cdorin)
15995: [Label sets] "quick add" button "label sets" doesn't do anything (cdorin)
15953: [_ Unknown] Question type is not translated on button (cdorin)
15777: [User / Groups / Roles] Adding user roles with massive action not working (cdorin)
15867: [Survey editing] When creating new questions at LS 4 there are no warnings about missing answer options or subquestion (cdorin)
15418: [Survey editing] Tranlations of buttons/text (cdorin)
15332: [Installation] Can't use dbengine MyISAM when installing from CLI (cdorin)
15146: [Translation] missing translation (cdorin)
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