16070: [Other] Quick-translation ends with internal Server Error (cdorin)
16104: [Other] New HTML editor missing when sending email invites (cdorin)
16503: [Survey editing] Indefinitely loading question (cdorin)
16439: [Survey editing] Array dual scale headers same with all languages (cdorin)
16385: [Survey editing] No warning/text explaining why editor cannot delete question when the question has conditions. (cdorin)
16393: [User / Groups / Roles] Generated password is not sent (cdorin)
15454: [Ergonomy] tag completion in question editor source mode is annoying (cdorin)
15957: [Other] Add permission check for group creation (pstelling)
15872: [Ergonomy] No error about duplicate code when copy (cdorin)
15579: [Survey editing] Quick add answers : use subquestion prefix (cdorin)
16358: [Assessments] Cannot edit the heading and message (cdorin)
16368: [Label sets] Using a label set with more than one language will not show the other languages (cdorin)
16216: [_ Unknown] Question group order not sequential (cdorin)
16200: [_ Unknown] List question - deleted "Other" category but prompt for other input visible (cdorin)
16240: [File manager] Two issues in LimeSurveyFileManager.php (cdorin)
16773: [Menu system] Fragegruppenvorschau - false Link for Language in Admin-Tool (cdorin)
16601: [Survey editing] HTML email template is not previewed properly (cdorin)
16017: [Survey editing] "Quick add" => "replace" button leaves the example answer "some example answer option". (cdorin)
16102: [Data Entry (non public)] Image Upload not possible during survey creation (cdorin)
16040: [Survey editing] impossible to update ranking type questions (cdorin)
15701: [Survey editing] Upload file : allow to upload no image file and create a link directly (cdorin)
16348: [Survey editing] QuestionEditor doesn't load (cdorin)
16705: [Survey editing] Not create new question once copy an existing one (cdorin)
16602: [Question editor] Cand add more subquestons like 50 in multiple choice (cdorin)
16457: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Emails not properly formatted (cdorin)
16605: [Survey editing] "Survey data policy error message" editor is missing in "Data policy settings" in v 4.3 but is present in v 3.23 (cdorin)
15952: [Survey editing] Reorder structure icons visible in activated survey (cdorin)
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