Released 2020-02-24
12131: [Response browsing] filterout_incomplete_answers does not seem to work anymore (c_schmitz)
14601: [RemoteControl] AutitLog : RemoteControl delete_participant tries to execute invalid SQL (c_schmitz)
14996: [Theme editor] MSSQL issue when try to move to 2nd page of theme list : The multi-part identifier "t.template_name" could not be bound. (c_schmitz)
13821: [Import/Export] When importing a survey I receive a "Failed to Insert [3]" error message (LouisGac)
14344: [Installation] create-database.php creates table sessions with incorrect data type for field 'data' in MariaDB 5.5.60 (markusfluer)
14902: [Menu system] SQL error in Configuration menu unter PHP 7.2 - 7.3
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