14850: [Survey design] Always hide this question attribute not working
14960: [Survey design] Group relevance : not imported, not shown in survey_logic_file and not saved (markusfluer)
14814: [Survey design] No save button on default value (markusfluer)
14849: [Survey design] Question type not displayed in question overview (markusfluer)
14891: [Survey design] Multiple numeric throw error when editing (markusfluer)
15018: [MenuSystem] Reset home page settings causes crash (markusfluer)
15015: [Ergonomy] [Minor] Question summary didn't show Text error (markusfluer)
15046: [Survey design] Delete group button : nothing happen (markusfluer)
15016: [MenuSystem] List surveys from the menu or the main page causes error (markusfluer)
15048: [Survey design] Broken HTML in questionexplorer (markusfluer)
14820: [Survey design] Survey creation not possible (tammo)
15054: [Survey design] Multiple numerical question - cannot be stored (markusfluer)
15055: [Survey design] Ranking question type cannot be saved/stored (markusfluer)
13684: [Conditions] If the exclusive option is selected, the excluded options default to "missing" instead of "no" (p_teichmann)
15045: [Plugins] Unable to activate AuditLog plugin (DenisChenu)
14730: [Survey design] help-block not alert for attribute help (markusfluer)
14731: [Survey design] Question design preview don't use Survey template (markusfluer)
15041: [Survey design] Unable to open Settings tab on admin menu after saving question (markusfluer)
14870: [Survey design] Survey panel integration not displayed (markusfluer)
14822: [Survey design] Survey text : unable to edit (js broken) debug at 0 (cdorin)
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