15032: [Survey design] Changing question type does not work with the simple question type selector (markusfluer)
14923: [Survey design] Need column headers for answer options (markusfluer)
15027: [Other] Global option "Overwrite files with the same name" won't save (markusfluer)
15031: [Survey design] Can edit question even when survey is activated (markusfluer)
14871: [Survey design] Delete question button not working (markusfluer)
14953: [Survey design] "Create question" button leads to create question group form (markusfluer)
14846: [Survey design] Cannot upload Images (markusfluer)
14761: [Survey taking] Class 'RenderListRadio' not found (markusfluer)
14741: [Survey design] Unable to edit survey texts (markusfluer)
14810: [Survey design] Left menu disappears after sorting question list (markusfluer)
14811: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Side-menu is off screen at participant list view (markusfluer)
14807: [Survey design] Data policy description is "null", should be empty string? (markusfluer)
14806: [Survey design] No save button in question organizer (markusfluer)
14805: [Survey design] Save buttons are to the left, should be to the right (markusfluer)
14804: [Survey design] JS exception when clicking "Save" in question editor (markusfluer)
14920: [Import/Export] Export responses does not work for survey without token table (ollehar)
14698: [Expression Manager] Expression manager must not treat user entered value (DenisChenu)
14958: [Expression Manager] Javascript loop with equation (DenisChenu)
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