14981: [Other] Global Survey Settings: Added warning that changes affect all surveys (dominikvitt)
14978: [Other] some global survey settings not inherited correctly to new survey (dominikvitt)
14756: [Survey design] Double encoding for question attribute labels (dominikvitt)
14749: [Survey design] Unable to move questions (dominikvitt)
12603: [Security] Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text (dominikvitt)
14874: [Installation] This DB send a 504 when upgrade … (DenisChenu)
14918: [Installation] Unable to install with pgsql (DenisChenu)
14873: [Survey design] Delete question group button always greyed out (dominikvitt)
13799: [Survey design] Can't import survey with different base language than English (c_schmitz)
13631: [Installation] alterColumn does not work with type "pk" in postgres (c_schmitz)
13626: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to update (Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry) (c_schmitz)
14854: [Survey design] Class 'DataSetListDropdown' not found (markusfluer)
14869: [MenuSystem] List questions button not working (markusfluer)
14872: [Survey design] Export question button not working (markusfluer)
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