Released 2019-04-02
14921: [Survey taking] Ranking question on mobile devices (problem with dragging/scrolling) (markusfluer)
14443: [_ Unknown] "Go to survey" menu icon not working in collapsed menu mode (markusfluer)
14988: [Expression Manager] Preview question group not working + relevance equations (DenisChenu)
14604: [Survey design] Survey settings menu disappear (p_teichmann)
14964: [Other] Thème par défaut qui se réinitialise lors de la sauvegarde des paramètres généraux de LS (DenisChenu)
15069: [Installation] setting admin password with CLI database installation fails (DenisChenu)
15060: [Survey design] Other option with number only erases decimal comma - with NO warning (DenisChenu)
15005: [Central participant database] Viewing Central Participant database results in error when using Postgres (p_teichmann)
14975: [User/User groups] Limesurvey users with limited rights get "undefined" error message when trying to upload a file at the survey theme options (dominikvitt)
15011: [Other] Regular expression - issue - LimeSurvey "removes" 0 (dominikvitt)
14198: [Expression Manager] max function broken : diff in JS and PHP, diff with previous behaviour (DenisChenu)
14690: [_ Unknown] Deleting answer options in matrix question type (p_teichmann)
14993: [Statistics] Bug on saving / exporting Statistics (dominikvitt)
14998: [Survey taking] Usage of self.NAOK insique all question part are broken (DenisChenu)
15001: [Import/Export] Values Labels for single-answer questions (c_schmitz)
14187: [Survey design] In IE, for an Array question the radio buttons disappear when resizing the page to the point the answers start to stack. (markusfluer)
14337: [Expression Manager] Broken numeric interpretation of answer codes (DenisChenu)
14881: [Other issues] 'show pop-ups' 'Off'-setting not working anymore (dominikvitt)
14898: [Import/Export] Prevent SID of -1 during import (DenisChenu)
14928: [Central participant database] No CPDB attribute list refresh after adding new attribute (p_teichmann)
14936: [Survey design] Preview group : relevance on question broken (DenisChenu)
14949: [Import/Export] Token based placeholders are not replaced when creating queXML PDF (dominikvitt)
14951: [Survey taking] Loss of data when loading a non finished survey (dominikvitt)
14954: [Statistics] Charts in Statistics are not showing completely (dominikvitt)
14967: [Expression Manager] Validation code uneditable (DenisChenu)
14969: [_ Unknown] missing no-answer-item class for 5 point choice array (DenisChenu)
14987: [Expression Manager] Preview question not working (DenisChenu)
15003: [Other] Panel integration not displayed in French (DenisChenu)
15004: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Attribute fields on registration form have incorrect ID (DenisChenu)
14708: [Security] Upload files question type does not actually check file type (DenisChenu)
13942: [Import/Export] R syntax file export appends 'unknown type' line to the end of the syntax file (c_schmitz)
14456: [Response browsing] Regression: Feature for selecting which data columsn to show was removed after Limesurvey 2.6 LTS (p_teichmann)
14528: [Central participant database] Participants import from cpdb / access rights (p_teichmann)
14941: [Theme editor] Variations choosed in Global are not set in preview (dominikvitt)
14938: [Other] Check data integrity : die with renaming a non existing table (DenisChenu)
14939: [Other] Check data integrity with a lot of broken question : SQL error (MSSQL) (DenisChenu)
14900: [Data Entry (non public)] numerical array with checkboxes loose all data (dominikvitt)
       14962: [Survey design] Checkbox radio Y scale don't shown in little screen (DenisChenu)
14819: [_ Unknown] Incorrect behavior with Question of type R (Classement) (DenisChenu)
13602: [Survey design] Text display question + Timer (dominikvitt)
14017: [User/User groups] CPDB - view permission - user (p_teichmann)
14776: [_ Unknown] Hidden Questions Not Being Asked (dominikvitt)
13516: [Survey design] Cannot access localized (i18n) values for a custom question attribute (dominikvitt)
13904: [Survey design] Japanese characters get replaced with '?' (c_schmitz)
14060: [Central participant database] Deleting a participant and associated surveys and all associated responses from CPDB not working (p_teichmann)
14148: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Quota out aren shown as completed in token list (dominikvitt)
14179: [Other] List questions panel - group-edit questions - Delete - text issue (c_schmitz)
14201: [Other] Small text issue - reorder questions/groups panel (c_schmitz)
14255: [Theme editor] Current global theme option didn't update preview (dominikvitt)
14459: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token field not displayed when checking for duplicates (import csv survey participants) (DenisChenu)
14468: [Other] Viewing "Surveys in this group" displays all surveys regardless of Survey Group (dominikvitt)
14513: [Central participant database] Permissions on shared participants (CPDB) (p_teichmann)
14514: [Central participant database] Purpose of permission "update" - CPDB (p_teichmann)
14517: [Central participant database] CPDB - delete shared participants (p_teichmann)
13608: [Central participant database] Permission to create participants in the central participants database (p_teichmann)
13739: [Survey taking] Relevance equation broken for array by column (dominikvitt)
13936: [Theme editor] Bootswatch inherit everyting to no: deactivate container (DenisChenu)
14516: [Central participant database] Delete from the central panel and associated surveys - CPDB (p_teichmann)
14559: [Theme editor] Theme editor load parent theme.css (dominikvitt)
14598: [Ergonomy] Bad order shown in List question (DenisChenu)
14660: [MenuSystem] Unable to choose icon on Boxes (ollehar)
14667: [Survey design] No timer message displayed for boilerplate question (dominikvitt)
14788: [Survey taking] resume later + ajax mode : JS issue (p_teichmann)
14855: [Survey taking] Allowed invalid completed survey + full index send false error about did not save (DenisChenu)
14858: [Survey taking] Upload status is not visible enough (DenisChenu)
14862: [Translation] Export to LSS on Portuguese (Portugal) language (DenisChenu)
14875: [Installation] No error is shown at debug=0 if DB is broken (DenisChenu)
14895: [Installation] Upgrading problem from 2* to 3.17.3 (dominikvitt)
14899: [_ Unknown] Incorrect behavior with Question of type R (Classement) (DenisChenu)
14934: [Theme editor] Survey theme options reset to default (dominikvitt)
14815: [_ Unknown] exporting tab-separated removes mandatory property of questions (dominikvitt)
13793: [RemoteControl] Error on RPC: add_response method with "Anonymized responses" Survey (ollehar)
13950: [Survey taking] SQL Error when saving a response or getting a session token via API (DenisChenu)
13974: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Batch-edit emails not working properly (p_teichmann)
14700: [Survey taking] DbHttpSession brok (mariadb) with data too long (DenisChenu)
14038: [Survey design] General survey settings : Administrator and Admin email: cannot be clear and saved blank (c_schmitz)
14809: [Survey design] Caret is over the text in group list (dominikvitt)
14737: [Security] XSS with file upload (DenisChenu)
14137: [RemoteControl] Yii framework bug when using remote control then inserting Session into MS SQL database (DenisChenu)
14256: [Other] .gitignore does not properly ignore /tmp directory (c_schmitz)
13829: [Survey design] Save new question results in blank page and shows errors (c_schmitz)
13822: [Import/Export] Importing a question with subquestions, promotes subquestions to same level as parent (c_schmitz)
14833: [Survey design] Default values in List (radio) question does not work (dominikvitt)
14652: [Other] Quota system is buggy if you allow users to edit (dominikvitt)
14670: [Security] Remote Code Execution in Limesurvey <= 3.16.x via Deserialization Attack in "tcpdf" (DenisChenu)
14728: [Security] Persistent XSS for question groups (DenisChenu)
14763: [Accessibility] Slider didn't have label (DenisChenu)
14765: [Security] Persistent XSS for Menu Entries (p_teichmann)
14775: [Accessibility] Unable to use slider without js (DenisChenu)
14753: [Security] No control on attachments email files (DenisChenu)
14768: [Survey taking] Survey fails when default answer is set (dominikvitt)
14785: [Import/Export] Group Name and Description do not display on Export to Printable Survey (p_teichmann)
14793: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Sorting of participant (query) groups wrong (c_schmitz)
14799: [Survey design] Setting default answer in a single-option question doesn't work (receiving error message when taking the survey) (dominikvitt)
12993: [Other] PHP-function create_function() has been deprecated (DenisChenu)
14649: [Survey design] CDbException when a "default answer" option is not compatible with a question type (DenisChenu)
14716: [Conditions] Participant attribute tab shwon in condition editor for anonymized survey (DenisChenu)
14713: [Security] Persistent XSS in user group management (DenisChenu)
14699: [Translation] Start popups add , between string (DenisChenu)
14692: [Survey design] CDbException when testing survey (DenisChenu)
14688: [Translation] No translation for «Presentation & navigation settings» (dominikvitt)
14686: [Other] Unable to see Survey list (debug>0) (DenisChenu)
14682: [Survey design] When deactivation survey with debug 1 : receive a CDbException (DenisChenu)
14625: [Statistics] Summary Table (Frequencies) for 5-Point Choice is Confusing (+ Feature Request) (dominikvitt)
14609: [Import/Export] [SECURITY] Prevent SID of 0 during import (ollehar)
14439: [Theme editor] More button and action than available according Permission in theme (dominikvitt)
14679: [Security] Theme admin can delete any directory (DenisChenu)
14635: [Security] XSS Attack Vector - export_helper.php (DenisChenu)
14634: [Security] XSS Attack Vector - KCFinder (DenisChenu)
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