08309: [Expression Manager] Please add variable to access question help text (DenisChenu)
08858: [Expression Manager] Extend EM so we can get the question text of multiple choice and array questions via questioncode.question (DenisChenu)
09668: [Plugins] attachment in beforeTokenEmail (DenisChenu)
10038: [Security] maintenance mode and announcing (dominikvitt)
10533: [Plugins] Global beforeSendEmail event (DenisChenu)
12937: [Other] Remove Exit & Clear button (dominikvitt)
13652: [Theme editor] Revert to inherited button for modified files (dominikvitt)
14001: [Survey editing] Setting for showing/hiding "Exit and clear all" via survey settings (dominikvitt)
14206: [Expression Manager] Allow plugin to update expression knowVars (DenisChenu)
14368: [_ Unknown] 4.0.x PHP-Version (ollehar)
14445: [Expression Manager] Add placeholder for seed (DenisChenu)
14571: [Theme editor] Expression manager string (and html) updatable in template (DenisChenu)
14603: [Theme editor] Add a way to add array of options in config.xml (or elsewhere) (dominikvitt)
14659: [_ Unknown] uploaded files filename pattern. (DenisChenu)
11921: [Survey editing] Separate input field for Javascript in question editing (c_schmitz)
07884: [Other] Add "Select all" choice in "Survey permissions"/›"Edit survey permissions for user ZZZ" screen (dominikvitt)
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