Released 2018-08-08
13302: [Survey taking] Slider "Slider starts at the middle position" and "Slider initial value" settings not working (DenisChenu)
13593: [Survey design] Slider reset not working (DenisChenu)
14628: [Print View] Array numbers question type doesn't include proper subquestion and answer details at "print answers" overview (dominikvitt)
14435: [Survey design] Survey logic view -> Open printable view is showing not the correct language version (dominikvitt)
14502: [Documentation] Template : need separation and need more twig information (DenisChenu)
14553: [Survey design] The countdown does not work most of the time (dominikvitt)
14563: [Survey design] Save question before attributes get loaded remove all attributes (DenisChenu)
14572: [Data Entry (non public)] Impossible to manually edit an answer when one the the fields contains a quote (' or ") (DenisChenu)
14575: [_ Unknown] Deleting a parent Survey Group orphans child Survey Groups, causing Survey Groups List page to crash (dominikvitt)
14595: [_ Unknown] PHP Crash when trying to preview an empty group (dominikvitt)
14596: [_ Unknown] CApcCache enabled gives error 500 when checking data integrity. (DenisChenu)
14599: [_ Unknown] Evaluation crash if no group exists (dominikvitt)
14618: [Survey taking] slider resets when moving backwards with a starting value (DenisChenu)
14645: [Data Entry (non public)] Unable to update some participants options when using batch-edit menu (dominikvitt)
14098: [Other] Sub-question vs subquestions (c_schmitz)
12082: [Survey taking] SSL and map question type with leaflet (DenisChenu)
14016: [Survey taking] Multiple numerical input resets back to initial value when slider is set zero (DenisChenu)
14081: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Save button on the "Add participants" window not working. (markusfluer)
14416: [MenuSystem] Sort LDAP participant names alphabetically in the survey creation form (markusfluer)
14714: [Expression Manager] Condition based on TOKEN ATTRIBUTE still not working also with LS 3.16.1+ (DenisChenu)
14150: [Installation] Wrong Survey menu id entry (c_schmitz)
14122: [Translation] Missing translation in question types labels (c_schmitz)
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