Released 2018-08-08
14272: [Expression Manager] Multiple text with comment and subquestion «comment» validation and logic file is broken (cdorin)
14495: [_ Unknown] Fix for duplicate fieldname not working (DenisChenu)
14465: [Expression Manager] EM relevance not being recalculated after conditions changed (Full survey included) (DenisChenu)
13337: [Import/Export] fail on csv token import (c_schmitz)
12992: [Other] PHP-function each() has been deprecated (dominikvitt)
13572: [Assessments] Empty assessement still shown (DenisChenu)
13630: [Expression Manager] EM send Notice about Undefined offset (DenisChenu)
13728: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Changing survey type while running can cause in PHP error message (undefied index: gid)
14249: [Import/Export] Tab-separated export of surveys is broken (dominikvitt)
14171: [Theme editor] Survey owner can't upload logo (DenisChenu)
14180: [Theme editor] Multiple logo filename with same url in dropdown (DenisChenu)
14191: [Survey design] Broken question view if sum of width !=12 (DenisChenu)
14192: [Ergonomy] Mass action on Survey listing didn't work on second page (dominikvitt)
14209: [Survey design] Long answer options not line-breaked and ends invisible for array questions split up to pieces (dominikvitt)
14227: [Survey taking] Some token with existing reponse can send PHP Warning about seed (DenisChenu)
14233: [Survey design] Unable to show help in advanced question settings (DenisChenu)
14240: [Survey participants (Tokens)] When deleting token attributes the drop down is missing the attribute names (dominikvitt)
14243: [Central participant database] filter in CPDB l=grid disable button action (dominikvitt)
14251: [Central participant database] When deleting a token : CPDB keep link with survey (DenisChenu)
14270: [Assessments] value, valueNAOK etc … broken with GET params (DenisChenu)
14271: [Expression Manager] Some words used by LS can be used as question/subquestion/answer codes (DenisChenu)
14276: [Expression Manager] Validation for multiple numeric input is missing details about "equals sum value" (DenisChenu)
14277: [Survey taking] When using an existing user name at the "Save and resume later" feature, there is also a wrong warning about a wrong captcha (dominikvitt)
14278: [Survey taking] When resuming a survey there is a wrong warning about disabled JavaScript and a checkbox for "Please confirm you want..." shows (dominikvitt)
14280: [Print View] Print answers overview shows broken table format and missing details (dominikvitt)
14282: [Theme editor] Language of Survey is set to default in token form (DenisChenu)
14288: [Expression Manager] TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_INT: No output in email-template AND no Error in validate expression (DenisChenu)
14290: [Other] Some form can not be submitted if csrfTokenName is updated (DenisChenu)
14294: [Survey taking] Multi-numeric labels not translated (dominikvitt)
14303: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Cannot send mail reminder to a single participant (dominikvitt)
14314: [User/User groups] Superadmin user rights not stored properly (DenisChenu)
14316: [Other] Unable to delete old survey or token table (DenisChenu)
14317: [Survey design] CDbException when try to set a title with more than 200 caracters (DenisChenu)
14323: [Conditions] Error - resetting conditions (DenisChenu)
14313: [Other] Strange text displayed in drop-down bow on participants screen (dominikvitt)
14326: [Other] After activating a survey - back to survey home button not working (dominikvitt)
14334: [Survey participants (Tokens)] When importing a csv file to the participants table, the UI indicates that double Token values could be allowed (DenisChenu)
14186: [Theme editor] Path to preview image broken when creating a custom question theme (DenisChenu)
14273: [Assessments] {ASSESSMENT_CURRENT_TOTAL}] usage broken (DenisChenu)
14309: [Installation] Upgrade to 3.15 SLQ Error (dominikvitt)
14312: [User/User groups] Import participant CSV is not possible with surveys update right (dominikvitt)
14315: [Expression Manager] Expressions with array number/checkbox are not reloading properly (DenisChenu)
14330: [Theme editor] Renaming a template with inheritance (children) will break surveys using the inherited template (lemeur)
14346: [Import/Export] Import vv : unable to update only token and/or date (DenisChenu)
14348: [Other] Themes storage always show 0.0M (DenisChenu)
14351: [Theme editor] favicon are not loaded (DenisChenu)
14352: [Survey taking] Multiple HTML open in printanswers view (DenisChenu)
14362: [Theme editor] Template can throw error with invalid image (DenisChenu)
14363: [Theme editor] In theme option : current template is the default one (DenisChenu)
14376: [Security] XSS in version 3.15.5 - Survey Resource zip upload (DenisChenu)
14389: [Theme editor] never same order in Theme list (DenisChenu)
14398: [Theme editor] Unable to set a different standardthemerootdir than default one (DenisChenu)
14400: [Expression Manager] Unable to use "self" 'self' "that" or 'that' fixed string in Expression (DenisChenu)
14406: [Survey taking] 'Ranking' Question with Computed Answers Is Allocating Insufficient Row Height (DenisChenu)
14410: [Ergonomy] Ranking : no alert when try to put more than answer (dominikvitt)
14411: [Survey design] Ranking choice height is to big than needed in case of filter (DenisChenu)
14415: [Theme editor] Unale to use SAVEDID or some other reponse related var in submit.twig (DenisChenu)
14417: [Statistics] PHP warning on response statistics page when "Show graphs" option is turned on (dominikvitt)
14425: [Survey taking] Ranking still hang without same height (DenisChenu)
14426: [Import/Export] Error exporting PDF with graphs (dominikvitt)
14431: [Survey design] Error 500 when deleting a question (DenisChenu)
14441: [Survey design] Survey general settings on the summary page shows Survey owner, not values of survey administrator (DenisChenu)
14451: [Expression Manager] Expression Manager validation fails (though input is correct) and clears all fields, survey can not be submitted (DenisChenu)
14472: [Import/Export] Central participants not exporting (DenisChenu)
14476: [Central participant database] token_id' doesn't have a default value- Not possible to add central participants to survey (DenisChenu)
14480: [Theme editor] No information shown after alert withot js, no way to have this managed by theme (DenisChenu)
14488: [_ Unknown] SQL exception when creating a subquestion (DenisChenu)
14490: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L on statistic page (DenisChenu)
14492: [Survey design] Setting Q? as Mandatory Does not set (dominikvitt)
14498: [Print View] Participant view for statistics goes unformatted (dominikvitt)
14499: [_ Unknown] Confirmation email don't properly set the "To" attribute (dominikvitt)
14524: [Survey taking] bFixNumAuto not taken in account (DenisChenu)
14533: [Survey taking] Error in console when enter . or , (DenisChenu)
14534: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to add head/html/body in Email HTML editor (DenisChenu)
14538: [Survey taking] Valid number with radix as "," shown as invalid (DenisChenu)
14232: [Statistics] Missing logo file when exporting statistics to PDF (Mazi)
14427: [Survey design] On an Active survey, Option 'Other' switched to Off when update question (DenisChenu)
14453: [Response browsing] Deletion of responses broken in 3.15.6+190108 (DenisChenu)
14487: [Survey taking] While UPDATING ti V 3.15.X End-URL doesn't work correctly (DenisChenu)
14518: [Survey taking] Upload modals/iframes: growing height after repeated delete actions (dominikvitt)
14519: [Survey taking] Letters do not get automatically deleted any longer in only numbers fields (dominikvitt)
       14540: [Survey taking] Hard to enter some value (decimal values with 0) (DenisChenu)
14521: [Print View] print answers HTML view not displaying "other" for list question (dominikvitt)
14522: [Print View] print answers HTML view not translating/getting the proper text for multiple choice with comment (dominikvitt)
14527: [Import/Export] Error in import : This is not a valid LimeSurvey survey structure XML file (dominikvitt)
14543: [Response browsing] Response Table - ID search box is too small & does not display the text (dominikvitt)
14545: [MenuSystem] Unable to reset menu entries with MSSQL (DenisChenu)
14546: [MenuSystem] Theme option menu are not show to user with Surveysettings update right (DenisChenu)
14547: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L on statistic page with simple mode (dominikvitt)
14548: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L with public statistic (dominikvitt)
14554: [Survey design] Javascript error when try to use Questions list option (DenisChenu)
13992: [Installation] Error when installing LimeSurvey, converting nvarchar to datetime (c_schmitz)
14062: [Survey taking] No languages list when clicking the hamburger icon in Token page (dominikvitt)
14101: [Survey design] Missing CSS-class "row" in li-tag inside answer-container of multiple-short-text-questions and multiple-numeric-questions (DenisChenu)
14135: [Statistics] Auswertung der Umfrage generiert einen Abfragefehler (dominikvitt)
14162: [Conditions] Functionality of Drag and Drop in ranking questions breaks in dependance of relevance equations (DenisChenu)
14182: [Survey design] Database error when trying to define a quota (dominikvitt)
14204: [Survey taking] Panel Integrations and lastpage set to -1
14212: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Deleting or editing details of a to be attached file at token emails is not doable (dominikvitt)
14216: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Users without rights to delete tokens can still delete them (DenisChenu)
14226: [Other] End Url display issues (DenisChenu)
11787: [Survey design] filtered question column alignment 2nd (DenisChenu)
12103: [Response browsing] Single response overview shows CSS and JS embedded at question text (DenisChenu)
12489: [Statistics] Wrong information on pie chart when I move the mouse over the chart (in stat simple and advanced stat mode) (dominikvitt)
14168: [Plugins] Removed plugins throw error in plugin manager (DenisChenu)
14221: [Security] No XSS control when delete a token (DenisChenu)
14222: [Response browsing] When deleting a single response : all page is reloaded and current filter lost (DenisChenu)
14258: [Other] Path to preview image broken when creating a custom admin theme (dominikvitt)
14332: [Survey design] Bootstrap buttons, relevance equation and piping/jumping (DenisChenu)
14372: [Survey taking] Ranking issue with image (DenisChenu)
14374: [Survey design] Unable to disable samechoiceheight and samelistheight (DenisChenu)
14489: [Response browsing] Some question are borken in response browsing (DenisChenu)
14503: [Survey design] Save button in "Copy survey" panel does not do anything (markusfluer)
13982: [Survey design] Uploading survey resources (via kcfinder) does not work with CRedisCache (DenisChenu)
14097: [Translation] "Upload files" button: Translatable msgid wrong (for all languages) (c_schmitz)
14450: [Import/Export] Top Buttons at responses and statistics didn't work (export, quick stat, …) (DenisChenu)
14455: [Expression Manager] {SURVEYRESOURCESURL} show as error in question on survey logic file (DenisChenu)
14394: [Central participant database] CHttpException message when exporting participants (DenisChenu)
13859: [Survey taking] Question full index loose color when try submit (DenisChenu)
14361: [Survey taking] Using valueNAOK at conditions works fine at group preview but is broken at survey runtime (DenisChenu)
14211: [Accessibility] Language changer dropdown autoupdated : kaybord navigation issue (DenisChenu)
14205: [Accessibility] Unable to save, clearall (and maybe load) without javascript (DenisChenu)
13150: [Theme editor] Wrong text message? Survey theme editor (ollehar)
10162: [Survey taking] new visit on a survey with token deletes last entry (dominikvitt)
14066: [Import/Export] Reset button under Selection creates broken link (DenisChenu)
14106: [Survey design] Button "Add new question to group" does not work (dominikvitt)
14124: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Changing invitation/reminder dates for a certain tokens changes the date format at the database (dominikvitt)
14196: [Survey taking] Unable to use dynamic mindate and maxdate (DenisChenu)
13745: [Survey design] Owner of survey can not update Template settings for his survey (dominikvitt)
14146: [Statistics] Graphs in pdf not correctly displayed (dominikvitt)
14142: [Print View] Integer values in pdf report in multiple numerical input (DenisChenu)
14133: [Import/Export] lss with long group name broke when import (DenisChenu)
13928: [Survey taking] script (and tag) are not filtered or encoded if question is in same group (DenisChenu)
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