Released 2018-08-08
13987: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Bug after try adding multiple attributes (dominikvitt)
13746: [Survey design] Survey Menu are shown even if no Permission (markusfluer)
13903: [_ Unknown] Get parameters do not work with tokenized survey (dominikvitt)
13994: [Survey taking] Question validation equation along with "Hide tip" (dominikvitt)
13998: [Survey design] Survey breadcrumb bar disappears when adding/deleting participant table (dominikvitt)
14029: [Survey design] Breadcrumb shows "Add a new question", also when editing a saved question (dominikvitt)
14048: [Expression Manager] Valid Expression Manager placeholders are wrongly marked as invalid variables at survey logic file (DenisChenu)
14058: [Import/Export] vvimport failing because of missing default values on newer MariaDB databases (markusfluer)
14100: [Import/Export] Export to excel crashes when run from advanced statistics (markusfluer)
13817: [Conditions] Add scenario - display issues (markusfluer)
13967: [Theme editor] Installed Themes overview (dominikvitt)
13975: [Assessments] Error if group is not selected - Assessments (dominikvitt)
13990: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Empty error message about date if date completed not choose (dominikvitt)
13993: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Batch-edit participants is missing the language field (dominikvitt)
13999: [Survey design] Incorrect translation in Logic File (dominikvitt)
14019: [Survey taking] The API call "get_uploaded_files" is not returning all uploaded files (dominikvitt)
14030: [Import/Export] Group relevance equations are lost when exporting a survey in tab-separated text format (dominikvitt)
14042: [Survey design] Inappropriate display of "Survey Groups" (dominikvitt)
14052: [Import/Export] Cant export to XLS (dominikvitt)
14054: [Other] Lil design issue with set expiry date (markusfluer)
14072: [Print View] Integer values in pdf report (dominikvitt)
14080: [Survey taking] moving backwards clears answer (Date/Time question) (DenisChenu)
14094: [Response browsing] Token modal not opening while having filters in responses view (dominikvitt)
14105: [Central participant database] Property "AdminController.uid" is not defined. (dominikvitt)
14114: [Theme editor] no background color (dominikvitt)
14125: [Installation] DB user with insufficient right can show white page when installing (DenisChenu)
14127: [Survey taking] Slider with only right part broken (markusfluer)
12605: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Redirect bug when creating dummy participant with mandatory attribute (dominikvitt)
13747: [Import/Export] CSV Export of Survey Responses no longer valid CSV (Limesurvey v3.9) (dominikvitt)
14020: [Survey design] Subquestions GIDs not updated when moving between groups (dominikvitt)
14025: [Other] When using custom theme the "Exit and clear all" link does not disappear at the last (survey completed) step (dominikvitt)
14050: [Import/Export] Unable to import all db if stardate added (dominikvitt)
14112: [Survey taking] list radio theme bootstrap (dominikvitt)
13888: [_ Unknown] unable to run db migration if using CRedisCache (DenisChenu)
13552: [Other] Beginner tour not available without superadmin permission (markusfluer)
14033: [_ Unknown] Re-ordering groups when a group is open using Structure drag & drop fails (markusfluer)
14082: [LimeSurvey Website] Mantis: Product version is on 3.13.X. - 3.14. is still missing. Confusing for users. (markusfluer)
13983: [Statistics] PDF-Button (markusfluer)
13283: [Survey design] Survey Groups tile should be mandatory (dominikvitt)
13588: [Survey design] User reported problem with Postgres and question reorder (markusfluer)
13931: [Installation] Installer enters an infinite redirect loop if the 'tmp' directory is not writable. (ollehar)
13941: [Statistics] graphs do not show in simple or complex statistics (markusfluer)
13947: [Survey design] Add New Question to Groups Disappeared (3.14.1) (markusfluer)
13958: [Installation] Error updating the database schema from verson 353 to 355 (markusfluer)
13962: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token description cannot be changed (markusfluer)
14000: [Other] "Export this response" button in view response page is broken (dominikvitt)
13973: [Assessments] Non-anonymous survey - {FIRSTNAME} in assessments (dominikvitt)
14008: [Other] Prepopulate question with answer from URL parameter not working (dominikvitt)
13976: [Survey taking] bootstrapbuttons not counted in answer logic (dominikvitt)
13683: [Survey design] Incorrect order shown in UI for questions and question groups (markusfluer)
13756: [Theme editor] Improved twig code to show DIV.privacy box depending on settings (markusfluer)
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