Released 2018-06-28
13800: [Survey taking] Did not save on Survey Participation (c_schmitz)
13845: [Import/Export] Can't export and then import tab-separated text survey file (dominikvitt)
13939: [Survey design] Add New Question to Groups Disappeared (3.14.1) (markusfluer)
13674: [Other] Create survey menus - triying to position them at the bottom / top
13672: [Other] Cannot create survey menu entries
13673: [Other] Survey menu - some buttons are not working
13802: [Ergonomy] Unable to see Survey policy without javascript activated (markusfluer)
13804: [Ergonomy] Error about Data security policy shown when change language + clear all (markusfluer)
13830: [Survey taking] Language changer broken in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
13833: [Assessments] Owner of survey are not able to edit assesments (no button) (DenisChenu)
13840: [Authentication] Login with local user gives a php7.2 warning (markusfluer)
13842: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13843: [Survey design] icon at the right side, should be in front of label (markusfluer)
13846: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13345: [Survey design] showpopups in config.php seems to have no effect anymore (dominikvitt)
13677: [Survey design] Sorting of groups and questions are wrong (with fix) (markusfluer)
13693: [Translation] strange translation quote (markusfluer)
13702: [Plugins] beforeCloseHtml event removed (DenisChenu)
13744: [_ Unknown] unable to run db migration via command line (and fix) (DenisChenu)
13773: [Survey design] Cannot style slider handle when not touched anymore (markusfluer)
13795: [Theme editor] Custom logo is not saved (markusfluer)
13803: [Ergonomy] Deprecated confirm box since 3.0 alpha (markusfluer)
13805: [Translation] Multi-line Text Messages Do Not Exist in Translation. (markusfluer)
13831: [Import/Export] Export of survey-structure (*.lss - Files) is not possible in LS 3.13.0 (markusfluer)
13838: [Conditions] Delete popups missing (markusfluer)
13841: [Conditions] tootips not working after performing an action in the conditions designer (markusfluer)
13858: [Import/Export] Unable to export TSV with debug, and unable to import TSV just exported (ollehar)
13870: [Survey design] Apple devices do not support ranking question (markusfluer)
13877: [Theme editor] Unable to update answers twig part in Survey theme (DenisChenu)
13878: [User/User groups] Send email to user group - display issue (markusfluer)
13894: [Expression Manager] relevant equation in subquestion don't function (DenisChenu)
13897: [Other] Unable to see Notifications (markusfluer)
13898: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to update token (markusfluer)
13899: [Survey design] Unable to use button to save Question (markusfluer)
13900: [Survey design] Unable to update Manadtory switch widget on Question edit (markusfluer)
13901: [Survey taking] Prefilling single choice prefill other and comment (DenisChenu)
13907: [Survey design] Can't delete question in latest master (markusfluer)
13910: [Theme editor] Unable to use saveall button (markusfluer)
13911: [Survey taking] Multi submit action done (markusfluer)
13916: [Response browsing] Display issue questions list (markusfluer)
13917: [Response browsing] Delete button from questions list not working (markusfluer)
13918: [Survey design] No create participant button when activate (markusfluer)
13922: [Survey design] Quotas with return and change option crash the survey (markusfluer)
13923: [ComfortUpdate] unable to log in into Admin Backend. Error "Undefined variable: security_update_available" (markusfluer)
13926: [Survey participants (Tokens)] "Generate Tokens" - Submit Button not shown (markusfluer)
13935: [Survey participants (Tokens)] 'Double click' to Register (markusfluer)
13912: [Other] Create menus - not working (markusfluer)
13839: [Conditions] Small text correction (c_schmitz)
13734: [_ Unknown] image upload is not possible - You don't have permissions to browse server. (LouisGac)
13828: [_ Unknown] Internal Server Error when clicking on 'Theme Options' in Survey Admin Area (dominikvitt)
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