Released 2018-06-20
13685: [Other] Create a new survey - Save and Save and close -> same behavour (markusfluer)
13811: [Survey design] reordering questions by drag-and-drop (markusfluer)
13813: [Survey design] Question advanced settings not updated when update question type (dominikvitt)
13814: [Survey design] opening Question->Check logic will change admin interface language to question language (dominikvitt)
13646: [LimeSurvey Website] Error after Database Query MSSQL (c_schmitz)
12640: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to update lang when registering (before fill mandatory values) (dominikvitt)
13548: [Conditions] Import survey process fails sometimes with data conditions (dominikvitt)
13784: [Import/Export] Wrong language label for Other option when exporting with queXML PDF export (dominikvitt)
13790: [Survey taking] End-URL redfirect is not working (markusfluer)
13798: [Survey design] Ajaxmode : default save/reload/clearall button unfonctional (DenisChenu)
13801: [Ergonomy] Unable to change language without javascript (DenisChenu)
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