Released 2018-06-11
12435: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Wrong exports (dominikvitt)
13714: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token email does not fill in adminemail and adminname (dominikvitt)
13715: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email sender is not automatically filled in (dominikvitt)
13759: [Survey design] No admin name and admin email is set at Survey creation (DenisChenu)
13748: [Survey taking] PHP Warning in register form (markusfluer)
13743: [Theme editor] PHP notice when viewing question view in theme editor (dominikvitt)
13742: [Response browsing] Answer options in dual matrix question swipes out in mobile screen mode (DenisChenu)
13718: [Import/Export] Reload page after import lss show error (dominikvitt)
13688: [_ Unknown] privacy policy are hidden on the startpage of a survey, when the first action is a mouseover over the Button WEITER (markusfluer)
13606: [Theme editor] Unable to reset manually asset (file or firectory) (LouisGac)
       13497: [Theme editor] Editor sreen loads without css when creating/opdating custom css (LouisGac)
13553: [Survey design] Default value not copied when copy question (dominikvitt)
13466: [Other] Exit and clear in bilingual Survey - restarts in wrong language (dominikvitt)
12907: [Survey taking] Resume later and load unfinished survey does not work in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
12898: [Survey design] Repeat Headers not working in array dual scale with dropdown layout (dominikvitt)
12741: [Conditions] Setting Condition where Constant = 0 treated as "no answer" (DenisChenu)
12032: [Other] Homepage boxes - external links opened twice when clicking icon (dominikvitt)
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