Released 2018-05-21
13598: [Survey design] Missing filter when selecting parent survey group (dominikvitt)
12097: [Survey design] Relevance equation is shown for X axis in array number : it don't work (dominikvitt)
12215: [RemoteControl] Activate a survey without questions with API (dominikvitt)
12227: [Import/Export] "Error: Failed to insert data" and corrupted quotas when i've tried to import old (v2.5.xx) surveys (dominikvitt)
12406: [Data Entry (non public)] Group filter selection gets lost after deleting a question from the question list (dominikvitt)
13514: [Translation] Don't translate Theme name (dominikvitt)
13704: [Survey design] Question preview image (markusfluer)
13705: [Print View] End message is not printed (dominikvitt)
13710: [Survey design] Media File in Question Group description is not displayed when taking survey if there is no proper text in description (markusfluer)
13712: [Expression Manager] Exclusive option does not exclude others (markusfluer)
13720: [Other] an icon is missing (dominikvitt)
13731: [Import/Export] SPSS export does not recognise line breaks in open comments (DenisChenu)
13736: [Survey taking] No javascript : bad date not saved but error not shown (DenisChenu)
12868: [ComfortUpdate] Updating to 3.0xx (LouisGac)
12209: [Statistics] Standard Deviation and Arithmetic Mean doesn't in the expert mode (value is 0) (markusfluer)
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