Released 2018-04-20
13407: [Plugins] plugin events seems not to work (ollehar)
12721: [Survey taking] Date shown in error is not date entered by user (dominikvitt)
13633: [Survey taking] Wrong data validation on dropdown boxes (dominikvitt)
13700: [Authentication] Attempt to change LS issued password, results in 'Internal Server Error' message "Implicit conversion from data type char to bin (c_schmitz)
11608: [User/User groups] In User Control panel, # rows chooser doesn't affect listing (markusfluer)
12755: [Survey design] Status 403 Denied on saving survey (markusfluer)
12709: [Survey design] Can not create or edit a survey (markusfluer)
13114: [Installation] After update from 2.72.6 to 3.0.1 design templates can't loades any more (markusfluer)
13132: [Translation] Twig messages not picked up by traslation po file generators (LouisGac)
13590: [_ Unknown] Check data integrity shows "errorneous question group order" for all surveys (ollehar)
13607: [Survey design] Multiple_choice_with_comments - bug (dominikvitt)
13609: [Print View] {QUEXMLPDF} Placeholder in template for Save to PDF triggers error if shown on welcome page
13634: [User/User groups] Internal Server Error CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL command: SQLSTATE [42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 (DenisChenu)
13638: [Central participant database] Panel with user surveys doesn't load (markusfluer)
13651: [Survey design] Array text always shown as error in checkintergrity (DenisChenu)
13690: [Assessments] Missing translations update/add survey group (dominikvitt)
13691: [Central participant database] Missing translation central databse (dominikvitt)
13695: [Survey taking] Error: CSS: width: only 0 can be a unit. You must put a unit after your number. (dominikvitt)
13645: [Translation] Error message Google Translate API (dominikvitt)
13689: [Assessments] Missing translation (dominikvitt)
12161: [_ Unknown] upgrading to 2.62.2 tries to touch files in templates folder, which are not writable (LouisGac)
12723: [User/User groups] Saving global user permissions deselects "Use internal database authentication" (LouisGac)
13696: [Survey taking] Error: Duplicate attributes accesskey / data-confirmedby. (DenisChenu)
13680: [Theme editor] Question screen = AdminController cannot find the requested view "/survey/questions/answer/listradio/columns/column_header". (dominikvitt)
13615: [Survey taking] The month and year is not saved when advancing and returning in a survey (dominikvitt)
13521: [Survey design] Access question and survey variables/data from within custom question theme Twig files (dominikvitt)
13515: [Survey design] Cannot have a null default value when creating custom attributes in a custom question theme (dominikvitt)
13664: [Central participant database] internal server error sql (ollehar)
13599: [Other] Table user_in_groups not cleaned (LouisGac)
13665: [Statistics] Cannot create statistics! (ollehar)
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