Released 2018-03-12
13517: [Survey design] Question adv settings are not updated after update of question type (DenisChenu)
13565: [Survey taking] Punctuation points should go into the translation and not into the php code (ollehar1)
13395: [Import/Export] queXML PDF export missing comments on "Multiple choice with comments" (c_schmitz)
13475: [Import/Export] cant export to SPSS (DenisChenu)
13488: [Accessibility] Not able to save without javascript (DenisChenu)
13493: [Survey taking] When template didn't exist : a lot of bug (DenisChenu)
13495: [Print View] Character äöü and ß shown as ? at QueXML-Export (adamzammit)
13500: [Theme editor] Upload file in theme options is weird (markusfluer)
13504: [Other] Crash after "Check integrity" (ollehar)
13510: [Theme editor] beforeQuestionRender didn't include Class (ollehar1)
13524: [Expression Manager] EM Error on Validation on hidden question (debug=2) (DenisChenu)
13527: [Theme editor] Except at first page : survey text expression usage is broken (DenisChenu)
       13525: [Expression Manager] Title are not updated by Expression Manager (DenisChenu)
13541: [_ Unknown] Error executing admin/checkintegrity (ollehar)
13494: [Survey taking] Problem when activating force_xmlsettings_for_survey_rendering (markusfluer)
13303: [Survey taking] Vanilla theme loads css multiple times. (markusfluer)
13332: [Import/Export] Problem with the size of the text boxes for the ranges (markusfluer)
13383: [Survey design] A lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13438: [Survey design] Lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13468: [Survey design] lot of empty space in footer (markusfluer)
13486: [Survey design] Language dropdown must be at first page when create survey (markusfluer)
13476: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send individual remind and invite mails (markusfluer)
13483: [Survey taking] Unable to enter 0.000000001 for numeric value (c_schmitz)
13372: [Survey design] behavior of reset in mail templates (markusfluer)
13469: [Installation] In LimeSurvey version 3.5.0+180309 'Check Data integrity' throws Internal server error.( SQLSTATE[42S02]) on fresh install. (ollehar)
13467: [Translation] Untranslated last element in bread crumbs (markusfluer)
13464: [RemoteControl] Invalid SQL in "mail_registered_participants" RemoteControl API method (ollehar)
13247: [Translation] missing translation in beginner tour (markusfluer)
12715: [Survey design] Behavior change for numericalmultiple Slider default value when 0 or null Upgraded PHP version (markusfluer)
13473: [Survey taking] Serious issue: use of exclusive option hangs browser page (markusfluer)
13422: [Survey design] Dropdown menu in portuguese internal server error (markusfluer)
13375: [Print View] brackets [ ] in printer friendly exports (markusfluer)
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