Released 2018-02-19
13322: [Other] DateTime picker opens partially or not at all (markusfluer)
13204: [Survey design] Even with good settings : browse ressources show "You don't have Permission to browse this server" (markusfluer)
13357: [Survey design] "Surveys in this group" is not filtering surveys (LouisGac)
13390: [Other] Adding subquestions - HTML editor (ollehar)
13397: [Other] Rendering issue? Questions not displayed (ollehar)
13406: [Survey taking] Survey crashes in AJAX-Mode (markusfluer)
13371: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13419: [Survey design] Re-ordering questions and groups using Structure drag & drop fails (markusfluer)
13434: [Label sets] Label sets not working (markusfluer)
13436: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13439: [Translation] Typo in german translation (c_schmitz)
13440: [Survey design] Quota, Postgress cant add (markusfluer)
13443: [Survey taking] Logic error by using an Eclusive Option in a multiple choice question (markusfluer)
13444: [Survey taking] Exclusive Option in Multiple Choice question makes not exclusive options invisible instead of non selectable (markusfluer)
13445: [Import/Export] Out of Bound (c_schmitz)
13446: [Plugins] Unable to see "simple plugin" (markusfluer)
13450: [_ Unknown] DateTimePicker interface design problem (markusfluer)
13453: [Other] sprintf with missing argument (c_schmitz)
13461: [Survey taking] Unable to start survey (markusfluer)
13426: [Other] No message displayed when I saved the new settings (ollehar)
13429: [Statistics] Multiple choice with comments not show comment in statistics .xls (only one comment) (ollehar)
13433: [Translation] Base string "List meny entries" incorrect (ollehar)
13425: [Other] Cannot add subquestions and answer options (ollehar)
13424: [Survey taking] JavaScript is displayed in email notifications (ollehar)
13396: [Theme editor] Some files/folders not included in imported survey themes (ollehar)
13367: [Theme editor] Theme list in theme editor should only list installed themes (LouisGac)
13356: [Survey taking] crash at optin + optout (ollehar)
13310: [Survey design] Cannot delete surveys in Survey list when debug == 1 (ollehar)
13246: [Response browsing] Survey responses, some functions doesnt work. (ollehar)
13394: [Import/Export] Excel-Export is broken (.xls file is not to open) (ollehar)
13338: [Statistics] DejaVuSans.ttf missing from install (ollehar)
13358: [Survey design] Usage of .question in end message broken (markusfluer)
13384: [Statistics] Massive deleting responses not possible after modifying table filters in response table (markusfluer)
13389: [Survey design] Cannot add JavaScript file to custom admin theme (ollehar)
13400: [Translation] missing translation (ollehar)
13402: [Import/Export] Export result not work (markusfluer)
13405: [_ Unknown] Failure of limiting the Ranking questions answers through drag and drop (ollehar)
13409: [Security] Cookie to prevent repeated participation not working in version 3+ (ollehar)
13410: [Label sets] Label sets not loaded when adding answer (ollehar)
13415: [Survey design] Column names in Ranking QT need to be switched (ollehar)
13416: [Statistics] XLS export file corrupt (ollehar)
13420: [Response browsing] Wrong file downloaded from "View Response ID" page (ollehar)
13262: [ComfortUpdate] unkown_destination_build_5 when trying to update LTS from Version 2.6.4-lts Build 170202 2.6.6-lts (171111) (LouisGac)
13339: [Other] ipaddr field always records 'invalid' (c_schmitz)
13135: [Survey taking] Doesn't redirect to end URL: "Cross-Origin Request Blocked:" (ollehar)
13218: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Sending Invitations or Reminders - Emails sent using "There are more emails pending" are corrupt (c_schmitz)
13254: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
12786: [User/User groups] Correcting bug 12051 reactivated bug#11287 (c_schmitz)
13388: [Response browsing] qtip-content help text outside of window (markusfluer)
13385: [Import/Export] Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevant (markusfluer)
13382: [Other] inconsistent use of icons for adding/new (markusfluer)
13373: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13370: [Survey taking] When submitting an invalid token an error is displayed twice. (c_schmitz)
13331: [LimeSurvey Website] Problem when printing the questions at the end of the survey (markusfluer)
13320: [Survey design] Endmessage is not shown in preview (ollehar)
13160: [Survey taking] Relevance based on array-dual-scale broken (ollehar)
13392: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token with useleft at 0 or less can take the survey (ollehar)
13377: [Survey design] button too small for label in edit menu entries (markusfluer)
13365: [Theme editor] custom.css never gets loaded (markusfluer)
13360: [Survey taking] Print answers does not work / gives an error (markusfluer)
13355: [Survey design] Saving German survey title shows JSON output (markusfluer)
13353: [Authentication] Unable to update uset (mssql related) (DenisChenu)
13346: [Survey design] go back and delete answers function (ollehar)
13335: [Theme editor] refresh button at global level reset to "inherit" (markusfluer)
13330: [Ergonomy] Admin GUI are not responsive (markusfluer)
13311: [Other] Survey logic view with massive empty space till the footer (markusfluer)
13308: [Survey design] Old alert popup at delete group (markusfluer)
13291: [Survey taking] Next button not working under Edge. (markusfluer)
13369: [Translation] missing translations (markusfluer)
13379: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13378: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13248: [Translation] missing translations (markusfluer)
13234: [Survey design] Focus in text fields when pressing return (markusfluer)
13057: [Central participant database] CPDB - the owner field/column (c_schmitz)
13325: [Other] {ADMINEMAIL} not working as recipient in admin notification emails (ollehar)
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