Released 2018-02-09
13317: [Expression Manager] Equationquestion reference not directly updated in piped text. (DenisChenu)
13326: [Expression Manager] Is not longer possible to using placeholders in group titles (ollehar)
13376: [Import/Export] A lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13318: [Survey design] Each time you change question type, a new question mark is added to the HTML (markusfluer)
13323: [Survey design] After completing survey, exit page is not, instead "print your answer" ist displayed. Error: Question.parent is not defined (markusfluer)
12445: [Survey taking] Slider "Slider initial value" not recorded in data (c_schmitz)
13188: [Survey design] Date/Time question type - icon missing (ollehar)
13284: [Translation] Breadcrumb group detail not using Admin language (ollehar)
13334: [_ Unknown] PDOException after update to 3.3.0 (mssql) (ollehar)
13349: [Theme editor] Theme editor jumps back to admin home page after every save of changes to theme files (ollehar)
11973: [Installation] Admin Login Fails on new installation Postgresql Databse Backend (c_schmitz)
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