Released 2018-02-06
13297: [Survey participants (Tokens)] {TOKEN} field doesn't seem to be accessible in end of survey message (LouisGac)
13307: [Survey taking] Captcha does not work for registration (ollehar)
13315: [Data Entry (non public)] Multiple choise with comments (ollehar)
13324: [Authentication] Limesurvey crash after activating webserver authentication plugin (DenisChenu)
13319: [Installation] Build number not correctly set in LimeSurvey 3.2.1 resulting in a crash. (c_schmitz)
13306: [Survey design] doesn't log (markusfluer)
13301: [Survey taking] Sliders given different widths within the same question (markusfluer)
13141: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Filters or rows per page won't work on default page (ollehar)
13309: [Survey taking] Sliders logging to console when not in debug mode. (markusfluer)
13265: [User/User groups] Survey menu assigned to specific user shows up for all users (ollehar)
13272: [Survey taking] Captcha does not show Continue button (markusfluer)
13279: [Accessibility] Reference to 'LimeSurvey' in user message breaks Template principle (c_schmitz)
13206: [Survey design] Unable to update Advanced question setting after activation (markusfluer)
13185: [Other] Rendering issue when adding new questions (Preview) (markusfluer)
13275: [Import/Export] Export Survey as .lsa doesn't work - _timings not existing (markusfluer)
13286: [Survey design] Simple selector don't have optgroup (markusfluer)
13280: [Survey taking] Variables don't work in END_URL (markusfluer)
13269: [Other] Tutorial - Create a sample question and question group (markusfluer)
13292: [Security] Google analytics script included even if GA is not set (DenisChenu)
13285: [Theme editor] Can't view/edit Question screen of any template (ollehar)
13295: [Survey taking] Captcha message change request (ollehar)
13236: [Expression Manager] Import LSS files from previous versions (markusfluer)
13290: [Survey design] Admin user with only read perm see "Update default" (ollehar)
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