Released 2018-01-24
12500: [Theme editor] 404 must use template (DenisChenu)
12502: [Plugins] event beforeQuestionRender removed ? (LouisGac)
13104: [Response browsing] A lot of white space below answer list (LouisGac)
13245: [_ Unknown] Error Message when a survey "Use CAPTCHA for survey access" is ON (markusfluer)
13180: [Survey taking] Variables don't work in END_URL (markusfluer)
13232: [Theme editor] Unable to load custom css and js (LouisGac)
12826: [_ Unknown] Upgrade third-party library Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer (c_schmitz)
13182: [Security] Filter HTML for XSS affects variables in end message (LouisGac)
13249: [Survey design] Cannot reorder questions and/or groups (markusfluer)
13244: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Deleting Survey participant - Confirmation "yes" does not close dialog box (markusfluer)
13112: [Theme editor] Changes to custom .css do not seem to have any effect (LouisGac)
13243: [Import/Export] Import of deactivated survey tables design mashed together (markusfluer)
13258: [User/User groups] Class 'Users' not found when changing menu entry permissions (ollehar)
13255: [_ Unknown] Problem expiration date after Comfort-Update (ollehar)
13241: [Installation] When upgrading from 2.67.3+170728 to 3.0.5+180118 an error occured (c_schmitz)
13235: [Survey design] Copy Array Question Type Results in Internal Server Error (c_schmitz)
13219: [Survey design] Stars / Slider don't work anymore in 1-5 Single Choice Question since 3.0.5 (markusfluer)
13010: [_ Unknown] MySQL 8 reserved word used as table alias in query (ollehar)
12990: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Queries on large participants table uses 100% CPU and causes LS to become non responsive (c_schmitz)
12815: [_ Unknown] Error after multiple question deleting (markusfluer)
12451: [Import/Export] Problem when One user export to pdf (c_schmitz)
13239: [Theme editor] Extended fruity variations cannot be changed in survey, only in admin theme editor (LouisGac)
13237: [Import/Export] Problem with opening Excel export (c_schmitz)
13205: [Survey design] Panel integration : no settings (c_schmitz)
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