Released 2021-07-12
08273: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Sending invitation don't test particpant blacklist (galads)
11848: [Security] Saved Surveys - E-Mail Notification Password in Plain Text (c_schmitz)
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15246: [Expression Manager] Allow fixed function (no js, only PHP) in expression mùanager (DenisChenu)
13175: [Expression Manager] Benchmark Information. Ability to show calculated values based on all users (DenisChenu)
15693: [Security] Allow simple user to update script with XSS enable (DenisChenu)
15695: [Plugins] event afterResponseSave didn't happen for public part : create a new event (DenisChenu)
17104: [User / Groups / Roles] "Assign all" in "edit survey permissions" (DenisChenu)
14532: [Installation] Extend Email template length beyond 65k characters (c_schmitz)
15875: [Menu system] Additional comma breaks email template editor (c_schmitz)
14668: [Import/Export] Missing option to include your own logo at queXML export (Mazi)
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08276: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Add attribute in token search (galads)
12690: [User / Groups / Roles] Allow super-admin set by other user's than 1 (DenisChenu)
09235: [Plugins] Copy (and export/import ?) survey plugin settings (DenisChenu)
07566: [Statistics] OpenStreetMap integration (c_schmitz)
11741: [Authentication] Login limesurvey using the email address (LouisGac)
11542: [User / Groups / Roles] Implement setting to display more than 10 users per page (LouisGac)
11769: [ComfortUpdate] Feature to remove ComfortUpdate key is missing (LouisGac)
11871: [Documentation] Documentation for the system for 'new admin page' (ollehar)
11015: [Survey editing] Listsurveys Order by DESC (LouisGac)
11756: [ComfortUpdate] Comfortupdate: cannot update, but files to resolve window is blank (LouisGac)
12102: [Survey taking] Allow loading desired template from URL params (c_schmitz)
12120: [Plugins] Command action with target (DenisChenu)
12011: [Security] Need an updatable runtime path (DenisChenu)
12468: [Expression Manager] EM placeholder {SID} does not get replaced at email templates (DenisChenu)
11981: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Reset all user activity in token table (c_schmitz)
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13513: [Expression Manager] Update save way to add custom made EM functions (DenisChenu)
13288: [Expression Manager] Validation settings for more question type (DenisChenu)
09567: [Security] no salt used for password hashing. (DenisChenu)
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11963: [Other] 404 better managed by view (LouisGac)
07868: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
16649: [Security] enable video in spite of active xss filtering - LSv4 (gabrieljenik)
12560: [Security] enable video in spite of active xss filtering (c_schmitz)
08553: [Survey editing] beforeSurveyPage lack of get event (DenisChenu)
11605: [Survey editing] Please : don't add a GROUP and an a QUESTION each time (DenisChenu)
13816: [Theme editor] Allow to update options of core template (DenisChenu)
13827: [Theme editor] Allow custom logo from Survey not only template (DenisChenu)
13850: [Other] Missing favicon.ico for fruity theme (dominikvitt)
14119: [Data Entry (non public)] input steps time field (non drop down) (DenisChenu)
14525: [Theme editor] Move bFixNumAuto and bNumRealValue to Theme options (DenisChenu)
14584: [Ergonomy] More with in global plugin settings (DenisChenu)
15047: [Plugins] Create an helper (in API or event) to allow adding twig function (LouisGac)
15513: [_ Unknown] Missing function floatval() in EM (DenisChenu)
09443: [Translation] Some "Logic" attributes of a question are not internationalized (advanced settings) (DenisChenu)
09650: [Plugins] Extend lang (add po/mo system for plugin) (ollehar)
15218: [Security] Allow to disable SSL alert (DenisChenu)
13852: [Survey editing] Add admin/survey/sa/organize in tool menu (DenisChenu)
11716: [Expression Manager] Number of Questiongroups (LouisGac)
11763: [Documentation] No css class manual (Mazi)
11808: [Theme editor] Fix template when update and when import
13471: [Other] Allow expression in default location (map) (DenisChenu)
13639: [Statistics] Average Mean and Standard Deviation (markusfluer)
12240: [Survey editing] Validation settings for "array by column" question type (DenisChenu)
12653: [User / Groups / Roles] Search users (dominikvitt)
11797: [Theme editor] Need 2 pstpl file more : form.pstpl + message.pstpl (LouisGac)
11433: [Expression Manager] Use EM in new class attribute (DenisChenu)
11449: [Survey editing] Readding real label (DenisChenu)
11500: [Accessibility] output of function {QUESTION_MANDATORY} is not readable for screenreaders (DenisChenu)
11692: [Survey editing] Remove the display:none for EM filter (and condition) : use hidden, ls-hidden (DenisChenu)
11705: [Survey editing] Question attribute : better separation between : EM managed and EM forced (DenisChenu)
11707: [Accessibility] Force 2 columns in survey listing : must be a template issue ? (DenisChenu)
11724: [Survey taking] Usage of input-group input-group-addon (DenisChenu)
11725: [Survey editing] Multiple numeric with slider : columns width (DenisChenu)
11726: [Survey editing] Default column width and table header width (DenisChenu)
11734: [Ergonomy] Reimplement input size (DenisChenu)
11743: [Theme editor] column width : no empty (DenisChenu)
11751: [Survey editing] Replace array1/array2 by boostrap class (DenisChenu)
11754: [Survey editing] Review HTML for index (the button part) (DenisChenu)
11759: [Survey editing] Rename question class to ls-answer class (DenisChenu)
11784: [Survey taking] Replace alert + confirm in core system (?) (DenisChenu)
11798: [Theme editor] Add some wrapper to end url (DenisChenu)
11908: [Survey taking] Remove the "has-error" when it's not needed anymore (DenisChenu)
11910: [Accessibility] Remove uneeded label and put the lable on the question text (DenisChenu)
11930: [Survey editing] Show visually the { } for expression managed forced attribute (DenisChenu)
11970: [Theme editor] create a template-default package (DenisChenu)
11977: [Theme editor] Don't replace alert() javascript function (DenisChenu)
12005: [Survey editing] Separate settings (DenisChenu)
09146: [Survey taking] Group Randomisation - completed groups shown to user after save / resume - (ollehar)
11945: [Survey taking] no-js update by external file (DenisChenu)
13268: [_ Unknown] Impossibilité de désactiver un questionnaire (markusfluer)
13537: [Other] Developer need a solution to reduce max_execution_time (DenisChenu)
13296: [Other] Systeminfos via Button (markusfluer)
12024: [Survey editing] Pop up editor : allow close without save (DenisChenu)
12066: [Other] Command action : set whole config too (DenisChenu)
12095: [Installation] Allow to set assetUrl (and assetPath) to another website (DenisChenu)
11898: [Survey editing] Add 0/hidden for label/answer width : to hide it (DenisChenu)
10957: [Theme editor] Leave clearall cleaner : hide it by template not by Boostrap (DenisChenu)
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