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08047Development Assessmentspublic2021-10-22 12:27
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Summary08047: timing, age, gender should be the assessment factors.
Description1. in modern suvvey, we export the assessment by user's {age}, {gender}, {location}...etc.
say you were 14years little girl, you have the same survey result with a 30years women, it's not make sense.
2. it's easier to add {age},{gender},this kind of {tag}.i also notice LS has the survey timing warning function. the time should be one important factor in many surveys. for example, which one is the best shampoo? if user make choice in 1 sencond. it's the stable choice. if user spend 30 second to select, it means no shampoo is leading position.
3. the timing is important assessment factor in market research, psychology, self-test.
Steps To Reproduce1.when user click last button, calculate the timing, record in database, set the {tag}.
2. {timing }can be used in assessment EM.
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