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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  0958727assigned (DenisChenu)2015-03-242015-03-26Quotas do not work if lime is backed by PostgreSQL DB since build 140717 up to the current 15031
  095755new2015-03-192015-03-26Select options for radiolist or dropdown not shown in data entry screen
  09588 new2015-03-252015-03-25Validation regex is bugged
  095776resolved (Mazi)2015-03-192015-03-25wrong istructions
  095734resolved (DenisChenu)2015-03-182015-03-24Question by question survey : Empty mandatory subquestion are not shwon with error
  09540 assigned (DenisChenu)2015-03-022015-03-24Call to undefined function setsDBDriverName when managing token attribute
  09585 new2015-03-232015-03-23Template permissions don't work for templates with spaces or dashes in name
  09584 new2015-03-232015-03-23Daily Responses Export Email
  095805assigned (aesteban)2015-03-202015-03-23User password security issues
  095672new2015-03-172015-03-21no salt used for password hashing.
  095761new2015-03-192015-03-21PDF print survey reslts
  09581 new2015-03-202015-03-20First result not saved if survey admin uses link directly after survey setup
  09578 new2015-03-192015-03-19Public Statistics not the same as Admin .
  095717assigned (DenisChenu)2015-03-182015-03-19Permission Survey : set to whole : no edit on another survey
  095745new2015-03-182015-03-19Conditions page not rendering
  095595acknowledged2015-03-112015-03-19numberquestion suffix doesnt displayed
  089766assigned (sammousa)2014-04-172015-03-19Plugin Settings 'type' => 'list' are not stored
  0945711assigned (c_schmitz)2015-01-132015-03-18A number of MSSQL Errors
  095131new2015-02-112015-03-18Not All question and answered imported/uploaded
  09569 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-03-182015-03-18admin with uid>1 cannot set superadmin permissions
  09568 new2015-03-172015-03-17Password strength
  095661new2015-03-172015-03-17Some string are not from survey language firts time
  09565 new2015-03-172015-03-17Slider question layout with checkbox question
  09564 new2015-03-172015-03-17Expression manager logic file take survey language for admin string
  095634resolved (DenisChenu)2015-03-152015-03-17After the answer data don't register in a database
  0944712resolved (aesteban)2015-01-092015-03-17Token sending email is unusuable with a lot of token
  095441resolved (DenisChenu)2015-03-032015-03-14List with comment : comment condition don't work in JS
  0955810new2015-03-112015-03-13prefill date question - parsing problem
  074263acknowledged2010-08-032015-03-13More tailored invite emails
  09562 new2015-03-132015-03-13Other for List with comments
  095603assigned (DenisChenu)2015-03-112015-03-12"Bounce settings" changeable although "Use global settings" were chosen
  094949acknowledged (DenisChenu)2015-02-042015-03-12Section 508 issue with class="hide label"
  059838resolved (DenisChenu)2012-04-042015-03-12Comportment of "Equation question type"
  094699new2015-01-212015-03-11public participants in CPDB
  09557 new2015-03-102015-03-10Add the Question Settings plugin event
  095098resolved (sammousa)2015-02-102015-03-10[debug == 2] Crash at admin login when LDAP plugin enabled
  089586assigned (DenisChenu)2014-04-112015-03-09Unable to reinstall with another dbPrefix
  095503resolved (DenisChenu)2015-03-052015-03-07Numerical input integer only evaluates incorrectly on survey load with token
  0924114resolved (gabrieljenik)2014-09-222015-03-07Behaviour of numeric question type (and multi numeric)
  095546resolved (DenisChenu)2015-03-052015-03-07add the possibility to change an answer value with plugin event beforeQuestionRender()
  094985assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-062015-03-06Error message when try to import a big LSA file can be an error
  09555 new2015-03-052015-03-05Hiding columns in browse response can broke Javascript
  09521 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-162015-03-05Survey Quotas view displays questions answers in NON-base language
  07798 new2013-04-242015-03-04Multi numeric attribute are in double
  095372new2015-02-212015-03-04Plugin manager : legend without fieldset
  094702assigned (c_schmitz)2015-01-232015-03-04Problems with case-sensitive tokens
  09546 new2015-03-042015-03-04Update to jqgrid 4
  095246new2015-02-182015-03-03token attribute fields not printing in basic or detailed admin notification
  095121assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-102015-03-03User without update permission can't create label in main label magement screen
  09530 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-192015-03-03Language drop down menu lists all languages in the "Display Tokens" page - should list only languages used
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