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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  089971new2014-04-242014-04-24DB connection failed with newest release of xampp (20140422)
  08996 new2014-04-242014-04-24Error 500 to get list_participants by API
  08994 assigned (mdekker)2014-04-232014-04-23auth webserver autocreate not working
  08995 new2014-04-232014-04-23Mandatory question doesn't let user proceed
  088326feedback (c_schmitz)2014-03-092014-04-23Relevance not observed (questions dependent on LATER matrix question with exclusive option)
  08993 new2014-04-232014-04-23absolute path of some css and js files causes errors in special server environments
  08992 new2014-04-232014-04-23Export to MS Access
  089731assigned (c_schmitz)2014-04-162014-04-23Editing attributes not properly working
  089792assigned (c_schmitz)2014-04-182014-04-23We can't update the rights of one group to a questionnaire if someone in the group belongs to multiple group
  074091acknowledged2010-05-112014-04-23"Others" Answer Options in Arrays...
  08991 new2014-04-232014-04-23Token search filter error
  08990 new2014-04-232014-04-23multiple handle range slider for constant sum scale
  075122acknowledged2011-10-132014-04-23It can be a hassle to adjust sliders individually
  089833assigned (c_schmitz)2014-04-202014-04-22bad behavior when not connecting to database
  087572assigned (mfaber)2014-02-242014-04-22Support sub-question level relevance
  089474assigned (DenisChenu)2014-04-092014-04-22Unable to see undersocre in plugin settings (and some other CSS issue)
  0886314assigned (sammousa)2014-03-172014-04-22Improved "Organize question groups/questions" functionality
  088623assigned (DenisChenu)2014-03-172014-04-22More option in export heading
  082452assigned (DenisChenu)2013-10-082014-04-22Admin user with only access to update Token can't update token
  080811assigned (DenisChenu)2013-08-042014-04-22Use EM code for $aFields in remote_control
  066243assigned (DenisChenu)2012-10-022014-04-22Show logic file should check email templates as well
  08987 new2014-04-212014-04-21Unable to hide constraint information on mandatory numerical input
  089811feedback (c_schmitz)2014-04-192014-04-21Question Type Multiple Short Text prefills with an undesired space
  08986 new2014-04-212014-04-21Ranking questions do not convey order with array filter
  08985 new2014-04-212014-04-21make EM work for matrix filter
  089841new2014-04-202014-04-20exsporting/importing a template makes the template rubbish
  08980 new2014-04-192014-04-19Cannot update Headers on Dual Scale Array
  089573feedback (c_schmitz)2014-04-112014-04-18Survey not yet started but with token/allow register show in public list but are inaccessible
  089761new2014-04-172014-04-17Plugin Settings 'type' => 'list' are not stored
  089113assigned (c_schmitz)2014-03-272014-04-16RPC Call response not managed properly as per new changes for method export_statistics
  083004assigned (DenisChenu)2013-10-192014-04-16Group complete index show group without testing relevance (and other think)
  087984assigned (tpartner)2014-03-032014-04-16Editing a dropdown attribute value deletes everything but the first word
  089691feedback (c_schmitz)2014-04-152014-04-15mandatory yes / no buttons are no longer well aligned
  089701feedback (c_schmitz)2014-04-152014-04-15On LimeService using 2.05 the text input windows are too small for effective survey design
  0835114resolved (DenisChenu)2013-11-082014-04-15Add option to public registration page that allows resending of already registered user's login details
  089624assigned (mdekker)2014-04-142014-04-15{USESLEFT} doesn't work in Invitation-Emails
  089651assigned (ResearchOnBlogs)2014-04-142014-04-15readonly attribute of fields - it's a form anymore?
  089642assigned (ResearchOnBlogs)2014-04-142014-04-15discription for Settings Widget fields
  089522new2014-04-102014-04-15Add questions to running survey
  089155assigned (sammousa)2014-03-282014-04-14Textfield for Plugin Settings has not default value
  089531feedback (c_schmitz)2014-04-102014-04-14Postgres error when using the question import feature
  08933 acknowledged2014-04-022014-04-14When a group name contains an expression, the expression statement is displayed in the question index instead of the result
  089585assigned (DenisChenu)2014-04-112014-04-14Unable to reinstall with another dbPrefix
  089191feedback (c_schmitz)2014-03-292014-04-14Function to View participants of this survey in the central participant database panel not working as expected
  086591resolved (mfaber)2014-02-042014-04-11Configurable proxy for ComfortUpdate
  089553resolved (mfaber)2014-04-102014-04-10JQuery Datepicker YearRange is not set leading to an irritating default of 10 years
  08956 new2014-04-102014-04-10Allow token invites to be sent from the user who is logged in rather than the survey admin
  079141new2013-06-082014-04-10RemoteControl get_participant_properties : get SavedID
  08949 new2014-04-102014-04-10@@...URL@@ syntax for every {...URL}
  089461assigned (DenisChenu)2014-04-092014-04-10mandatory numerical input shows numerical only validation error
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