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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  0920718assigned (sammousa)2014-09-032015-03-01Port new response search/filter feature to Limesurvey 2.06
  09539 new2015-03-012015-03-01editor not stable
  094545resolved (tpartner)2015-01-122015-02-28Token edit fails after mandatory have been added (and left blank)
  094871assigned (c_schmitz)2015-01-302015-02-28Adding respondents to central participant DB results in js error using Chrome, but not IE
  095001assigned (DenisChenu)2015-02-072015-02-28Add ANSWER + QUESTIONHELP + QUESTIONHELPPLAINTEXT to beforeQuestionRender
  093349assigned (c_schmitz)2014-10-272015-02-28"Admin"-user without menu-items after some error.
  095292assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-192015-02-27Public statistics only available in default/basebase language
  094982assigned (DenisChenu)2015-02-062015-02-27Error message when try to import a big LSA file can be an error
  095312resolved (c_schmitz)2015-02-192015-02-27URL Parameters in Panel Integration are duplicated when adding/removing additional languages to survey
  093213assigned (sammousa)2014-10-212015-02-27Unable to validate the box for relevance expression filter in mail template file attachement form the mail templates section
  095371new2015-02-212015-02-27Plugin manager : legend without fieldset
  095381new2015-02-272015-02-27not possible to insert emoticons in answer options
  089765assigned (sammousa)2014-04-172015-02-24Plugin Settings 'type' => 'list' are not stored
  095096assigned (sammousa)2015-02-102015-02-23[debug == 2] Crash at admin login when LDAP plugin enabled
  09522 new2015-02-172015-02-22Move $_SESSION['LEMsingleton'] to a Global Cache
  08928 new2014-04-012015-02-22improve memory footprint
  088625assigned (DenisChenu)2014-03-172015-02-22More option in export heading and answers + new event to allow to update/modify/do own answer/header
  095352resolved (DenisChenu)2015-02-202015-02-21List with comment (dropdown presentation) doesn't display "Please choose..."
  094664assigned (c_schmitz)2015-01-202015-02-21"Import response from deactivated table" doesn't import timing table
  094591new2015-01-152015-02-20Ability to export assessment values instead/of along with code/question text in response export
  087253new2014-02-152015-02-20Replace Expression manager Hard coded javascript by event
  095153new2015-02-122015-02-20Register page should be easier to customize.
  095331resolved (DenisChenu)2015-02-192015-02-19TSV export/import multi with other add a other sub question
  09534 new2015-02-192015-02-19Remove uneended javascript disalowing other in sub question code
  095191resolved (DenisChenu)2015-02-132015-02-19Txt survey structure fails with no informative error message
  095185new2015-02-122015-02-19Create a new combined question between array type (text) with radio list. See attached question example.
  095322resolved (aesteban)2015-02-192015-02-19Standard user is not able to change his password, email or fullname
  09530 new2015-02-192015-02-19Language drop down menu lists all languages in the "Display Tokens" page - should list only languages used
  095162new2015-02-122015-02-18The names of the surveys should be viewed completely
  095172new2015-02-122015-02-18Allowing respondents to save your answers before submitting
  095272new2015-02-182015-02-18better progress bar
  094991new2015-02-062015-02-18Custom per-survey SMTP email configuration that overrides global settings
  095261new2015-02-182015-02-18Allow better administration support - functionality to create entities/clients
  074683acknowledged2011-02-092015-02-18Automatically Load Next Page/Question
  09525 new2015-02-182015-02-18EM logic file : error can be hard to find
  09524 new2015-02-182015-02-18token attribute fields not printing in basic or detailed admin notification
  09523 new2015-02-172015-02-17SettingsWidget :renderHTML : do a choice and start to be used in LS core
  09521 new2015-02-162015-02-16Survey Quotas view displays questions answers in NON-base language
  073583assigned (DenisChenu)2009-10-272015-02-16Triple-s survey interchange standard
  094914resolved (c_schmitz)2015-02-032015-02-12Id column and Primary key is not generated when the survey is re-activated.
  095121new2015-02-102015-02-12User without update permission can't create label in main label magement screen
  09505 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-092015-02-12Allow for underscore in question codes (again)
  09514 new2015-02-112015-02-11Limiting SQL limit broken for big survey
  09513 new2015-02-112015-02-11Not All question and answered imported/uploaded
  09511 new2015-02-102015-02-10Export plugin : hard to update Token value
  09510 new2015-02-102015-02-10Non admin can't create pop-up window in RTE when editing question
  09508 assigned (aesteban)2015-02-102015-02-10Add 'integer only' advanced option to multiple numerical question
  088656assigned (mdekker)2014-03-172015-02-08User not in LDAP or in WebServer can log again
  09502 new2015-02-072015-02-07Sending invitation via Google Chrome removes a single space between attributes running words together
  09501 new2015-02-072015-02-07SettingsWidget :renderDate / DateTime and Time
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