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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  094683assigned (sammousa)2015-01-202015-01-25Unable to activate survey
  094623new2015-01-162015-01-23Regular expressions for validating fields in questions disappear at the survey level
  09474 new2015-01-232015-01-23Format of integers values in Multiple numerical input
  09473 new2015-01-232015-01-23Configurable token length min, max and default
  09472 new2015-01-232015-01-23Remove extra id not needed
  09471 new2015-01-232015-01-23Organize don't control admin access
  094701assigned (c_schmitz)2015-01-232015-01-23Problems with case-sensitive tokens
  094631assigned (DenisChenu)2015-01-192015-01-22E-mail subject BUG
  09469 new2015-01-212015-01-21public participants in CPDB
  0924111assigned (gabrieljenik)2014-09-222015-01-21Behaviour of numeric question type (and multi numeric)
  094654resolved (DenisChenu)2015-01-202015-01-21Array (number)(with checkbox) question type highlight the rows that have been answered
  094471assigned (aesteban)2015-01-092015-01-21Token sending email is unusuable with a lot of token
  094672resolved (DenisChenu)2015-01-202015-01-20Regenerate question code still usuable with activated survey
  094591new2015-01-152015-01-20Ability to export assessment values instead/of along with code/question text in response export
  09466 new2015-01-202015-01-20"Import response from deactivated table" doesn't import timing table
  09464 new2015-01-202015-01-20Ranking question cannot go to next question if it's filtered by another question
  094352resolved (aesteban)2015-01-052015-01-16Trying to get property of non-object with debug=2 and AuditLog enabled
  09461 new2015-01-162015-01-16share a participant without selecting a user
  09460 new2015-01-152015-01-15A participant attribute dropped under the wrong existing token attribute cannot be corrected midstream without staring over
  090302new2014-05-122015-01-15Include candidates complete and incomplete response counts in get_participant_properties remote control call
  094431new2015-01-082015-01-15Some "Logic" attributes of a question are not internationalized (advanced settings)
  09458 new2015-01-142015-01-14HTMLPurifier inserts ! characters at random into emailed surveys
  094561new2015-01-132015-01-14Move repeat-headers setting in advanced settings of the (flexible) questions
  094541assigned (tpartner)2015-01-122015-01-13Token edit fails after mandatory have been added (and left blank)
  09455 new2015-01-122015-01-12Export to CSV omits randomization_group string
  094257assigned (aesteban)2014-12-272015-01-12Absence of delimeter at the end of a question group
  094415resolved (aesteban)2015-01-062015-01-12refurl does not catch external referrer url
  09453 new2015-01-122015-01-12Panel-integration, url-parameters limited to 20 because of grid-issue
  093373feedback (c_schmitz)2014-10-282015-01-12Export PDF for Participant do not include {ANSWERTABLE}
  09452 new2015-01-122015-01-12[only if debug == 2] Crash when submitting a survey that was saved and reloaded
  09450 new2015-01-102015-01-10"Non Completed" answers shown for the public statistics at version 2.05+
  09449 new2015-01-092015-01-09Label set update remove all existing Assessment value
  09448 new2015-01-092015-01-09Label set update : can remove existing language
  094344assigned (c_schmitz)2014-12-302015-01-08only admin can set to closed access or generate tokens for copied survey
  09446 new2015-01-082015-01-08Error when exporting question group to .lsg file
  09445 new2015-01-082015-01-08Allow dropdowns in arrays
  09444 new2015-01-082015-01-08Google analytics is not working on the survey list
  09442 resolved (DenisChenu)2015-01-072015-01-08Allow to save (not save and quit) in Plugin settings
  094402new2015-01-062015-01-07Public Statistic shows "Non Completed" answers
  091331resolved (DenisChenu)2014-07-052015-01-07Quota HTML part is difficult to update
  0937524resolved (gabrieljenik)2014-11-282015-01-07Wrong dates at survey results screen
  091258resolved (DenisChenu)2014-07-022015-01-06Hidden Fields Not recording default data if whole group is hidden
  094377assigned (DenisChenu)2015-01-052015-01-06Empty question groups will affect the display of subsequent groups.
  073487acknowledged2009-10-102015-01-06Different categorization for surveys
  094381new2015-01-052015-01-06Allow number_format function to control decimal
  09436 assigned (aesteban)2015-01-052015-01-05Forgotpassword functionality may disclose information about users
  094313assigned (aesteban)2014-12-292015-01-04Create LDAP users taking email and full name from LDAP server
  088656assigned (mdekker)2014-03-172015-01-03User not in LDAP or in WebServer can log again
  093772assigned (DenisChenu)2014-11-302015-01-03Some optimisation for "Open Layer (OpenStreetMap via mapquest)" attribute
  094077resolved (c_schmitz)2014-12-142014-12-31question and group export uses HTML content-type
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