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09730Development Survey editingpublic2019-09-23 12:20
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Summary09730: Add some text to menu

Actualy there are no text in menu, we need text for accessibilty (and more : for usuability : text+icon is better).

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Look at menu

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OK to use
< glyphicon > Text or need
< glyphicon > < Text hidden in default admin template >

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2015-06-30 17:15

developer   ~32580

Sam : i can work on menu ;) give it to me if OK.



2015-06-30 17:17

developer   ~32581

Fangs show:
itemsbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkbulletLinkList endList of five itemsbulletLink



2015-07-22 13:06

reporter   ~32755

Yes this definitely needs doing, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would =D

Feel free to either solve this by adding ARIA attributes only, or by adding actual texts to the menu. (I am in favor of the first, but you can apply the solution you prefer).



2015-07-23 14:15

developer   ~32767

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I don't undesrtand the meaning of adding ARIA only ????

A menu MUST have a text for usuability too, but in some condition, this text can be hidden (if really needed : an i think it's not needed in general)

For example : the icon for "Check data integrity" is a check : it can be settings with checkbox or anything else. Image/picture can have meaning in one place but not in another (or a completly different meaning in other country).

Add a text (can be easily hide/show in CSS) is easy.

But a menu MUST have text, and an optional font-icon or picture.
Text is clear, easy understandable, surely understandable by all of our user.
Picture can be : unseen by blind user, unclear for all user (Group management is a floder actually ?), unclear for some user, mean something completly different in some country.

The screenshot by @LouisGac show text after img : it's the BEST solution.

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