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09704Development Pluginspublic2015-07-01 13:07
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Summary09704: Using same "widget" for plugin and core.
DescriptionI think it's best to use same system for Core and for Plugins.

Reason for this:
- Fix a bug for core => no need to find if we need to fix it for plugin settings
- The HTML shown for plugin is exactly the same than plugin. No need to manage different css for one and another one.
- Adding a new widget in core => plugin can directly use this new widget.
- Improve settingWidget for plugin <=> improve core settings

But Sam have another idea. Then let's talk.
Additional InformationIf core need "active form" then allow plugin to use active form too, and update to use activeForm if settings give a form.
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related to 09697 new Big "checkbox" list OR multiple select 

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2015-06-30 16:36

developer   ~32579

PS: Authentification is the first screen seen by user, and see select2, after simple dropdown except where it use settingsWidget.

I think it's seems strange for user.

Alternative is to try to have same "presentation" for Core GUI and Plugin GUI, but here : 2 times work.


2015-07-01 12:03

reporter   ~32591

I think for core forms we should use whatever the framework provides, giving us maximum flexibility.

For now the plugin side should stay the same and settingswidget is more or less a form builder that takes configuration and renders a form using Html helper functions.


2015-07-01 13:03

developer   ~32592

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Then moving settingsWidget part to using same "HTML" than Core form ?

And for select2 : Not needed in plugin settinngs, can help on some core form control ... etc ...
And for HTML : settingsWidget use same HTML editor than core ?

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