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09514Development Survey editingpublic2015-02-11 14:12
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Product Version2.05 
Summary09514: Limiting SQL limit broken for big survey
DescriptionWith big survey and a lot of multichoice, we can't activate survey due to survey size. We can do some optimization here.
Additional Information"M" + "P" : multiple and multiple with comments (except for comment and other).
205 : varchar(5), proposition for string(1)

"X" : boilerplate
205 : varchar(1), proposition for none (unset)

"5" : 5 point choice
205 : varchar(5), proposition for <s>tinyint</s> SMALLINT

"A" : Array (5 Point Choice)
"B" : Array (10 Point Choice)
205 : varchar(5) by default, proposition for <s>tinyint</s> SMALLINT

"C" : "Array (Yes/No/Uncertain)"
"E" : Array (Increase/Same/Decrease)

<s>tinyint</s> SMALLINT for pgsql, but translate tinyint to smallint can be done for pgsql only.

At same time : move colun type to
Question::typeList static function

This working better only for mySQL (except for boilerplate), bu mySQL is used by a lot of our users. And less datasize can be good too for other users.
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