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09194Development Survey editingpublic2016-09-20 14:17
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Toollehar  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.05 
Summary09194: Move more information to Question::typeList
DescriptionThere are a big old javascript in views/survey/Question/questionJavascript_view.php to manage 'other','mandatory' and 'validation'. Think it's best if we have:
- This javascript updated using sjon information provided by qCodeToInfo
- Move this information to Question::typeList

Additional InformationBut maybe not needed because 'other','mandatory' and 'validation' moved to QuestionAttribute for 2.1 ?
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2016-09-20 10:57

developer   ~40841

Maybe this dev mantis is outdated now ....


2016-09-20 12:17

developer   ~40850

Oh, it's for admin GUI


2016-09-20 12:31

administrator   ~40851

Louis just moved a bunch of issues to me, to see if he was going crazy or if LS really had 1080 bugs (accidentally had "All project" set). Disregard.


2016-09-20 14:17

developer   ~40854

Development : not a bug :)

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