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09179User patchesStatisticspublic2016-11-22 16:30
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Summary09179: Tweak to aggregated calculations

Aggregated calculations only shows for 5P & A question types because number of choices should be exactly 5 (or 6 including N/A) to have correct results.

The problems are:
1- Labels for those question types can't be modified.
2- N/A choice can't be added , which is required in my case to exclude those answers from the calculations later.

I've modified the condition to show aggregated calculations for questions types: F & L when number of choices is 6 or 7 (6=5 points + No answer , 7=5points + No answer + N/A)

Additional Information

Other possible solutions could be:

1- modify existing 5points array question to allow adding N/A option & editing labels' texts.

2- create a new question type to allow adding N/A option & editing labels texts.

3- new checkbox on each question in statistics page to confirm if indicators are to be calculated.

4- new checkbox on question design page to confirm that indicators are to be calculated for this question.

Appreciate your feedback!

(N.B: this ticket is mentioned as part of ticket# 09176)

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2014-08-20 10:29


additional_indicators.jpg (118,846 bytes)


2016-09-20 23:01

partner   ~40865

This ticket looks like 09178. This ticket has the attachment. Looks like a double post. You can close 09178.



2016-09-25 06:39

reporter   ~40942

FYI, Implementation details of my solution is mentioned on:



2016-09-25 12:55

developer   ~40943

Think need a extra attribute settings for this : because you can want it in:

  • Any array with number as code (medium according to "only number")
  • Why not use value from 'assessements" ?
  • Any question type with number as code (array/single choice ...)
    Here it's too specific (i think) to be integrated in core.


2016-11-22 15:53

administrator   ~42140

You vote to close this, Denis?



2016-11-22 16:30

developer   ~42152

Like in it : sure.
For plugin system in stats : +10
With "setting for all question type" : didn't know but think it make harder to update after if we don't have an easy way.

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