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09165Development Pluginspublic2014-09-09 01:04
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Summary09165: Audit plugin doesn't log participant creation, edition or deletion
DescriptionAudit plugin doesn't log participant creation, edition or deletion (I verified Audit plugin is enable). However, the code of this plugin seems to try to do it:

Steps To Reproduce1.- Create a survey
2.- Add/edit/remove a participant

Result: No record is created in auditlog_log table.
Additional InformationI verified Audit plugin is enable. In fact, other actions are properly logged.

I'm attach a test survey but I'm able to reproduce this error with any survey.
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2014-08-12 11:53


test.lsa (3,476 bytes)


2014-08-13 10:35

administrator   ~30419

I think you mean token, while the subscription refers to participant from the Central Participants database (CPDB). So it is not really an error but a missing feature.


2014-08-13 14:33

developer   ~30420

You are right, Carsten.

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