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08204Development RemoteControlpublic2021-10-22 12:37
Reportersparkbird Assigned Togalads  
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Product Version2.00 
Summary08204: Remotecontrol add_response does not add a date response to the survey results table
DescriptionWhen using remotecontrol add_response method to a survey response, which contains a question that has a "date/time" question type, LS fails to update the corresponding column in the response table in DB.
Instead the value added is NULL.

Expected behavior: Remote control framework should accept the response for date and add the proper response in the survey response table.

Suggested fix: Logic in the file dataentry.php works correctly, it checks if the fieldtype is 'D' then the received value is converted to a date object before trying to persist into the DB.

Same logic must be used in remotecontrol.php -> add_response() method also
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a survey with the attached lss file
2. open Google chrome, must have "Advanced REST Client" plugin installed to easily reproduce this defect.
3. Issue a get_session_key method and get the sessionKey
4. use the sessionkey to invoke the add_response method. use the below given (Additional Info) json for easy reproduction of defect.
5. check the DB for the column "624846X17X22" You will see that the response for this column was never added.

Additional InformationJson to login
{"method": "get_session_key", "params": {"username": "admin", "password": "admin" }, "id": 1}

Json to add_response

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