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07771Development Otherpublic2013-04-26 17:18
ReporterMikoNukka Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Summary07771: jquery missing from 2.0.5 which causes numerous of problems
DescriptionIt seems that developers have accidentally forgotten to add jquery scripts where they should be.\limesurvey\scripts\jquery

Following bugs which I have noticed to occurr due to this

#1 Cannot order questions
#2 File upload problems in chrome/IE
Steps To ReproduceFresh install 2.0.5 or just browse the zip archive.
Additional InformationTo fix the problem, download the 2.0.0 and take the jquery folder from there.
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related to 07714 closedDenisChenu multi numeric slider broken 
related to 07736 closedDenisChenu Unable to update question/grou order 




2013-04-18 10:56

developer   ~24979


No, jq is now in third_party.

Think ranking is now OK, don't test file upload.


2013-04-18 13:38

reporter   ~24981

Ok I had no idea. Either way when you debug "question ordering" page you will notice an error which tells you that one of the jquery files is missing from the previous location.


2013-04-25 10:21

developer   ~25124

I can confirm for question/group order: fixed in last GIT version.

Please do a bug reporting system for all other js fix to do: we don't reinclde old directory.


2013-04-25 10:22

developer   ~25125

Please test upload in last 205 version

And fill one bug for one js missing or one js bug.

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