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Summary07727: participant attributes: when changing attribute (dropdown) values, participants can contain "old" attribute values
DescriptionWhen you change an existing value of an attribute (type: dropdown), participants that already have this value for that attribute will then contain an "old" or "illegal" value. This does not seem to be noticed in any integrity check.

1) open the CPDB panel
2) click "display participants"
3) look at participant "Alain D" and the attribute value for "School" (i.e. "Roosevelt High")
4) open the "attribute management" screen
5) check the possible values for attribute "School" (i.e. "Washington High" and "Licoln Elementary" (typo, sorry!))
6) value "Washington High" used to be "Roosevelt High"
Steps To Reproduce1) open the CPDB panel
2) open the "attribute management" screen
3) edit the "School" attribute
4) change the value "Washington High" into "XYZ High"
5) save changes
6) open "display participants" screen
7) notice that now both participants "Alain D" and "Betsy H" have "illegal" or "old" values for the "School" attribute
8) go to the "main admin screen"
9) click "check data integrity" (5th button from left, DB shape with checkmark)
10) report comes out "clean": no integrity problems...
Additional InformationI know, you should think about what attributes and what values you want to use BEFORE you start assigning them. But it would have been nice if it would have showed up in the "check data integrity" report (which is an AWESOME feature btw!!!)
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