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Summary07519: Addition of third person comments

I am a manager at a small enterprise and I would like to ask my employees for completing a self-assessment form created using LimeSurvey. However, before forwarding it to the board, I would like to add at least some comments to each completed survey for each employer (alternatively a reply to 5-10 questions per completed questionnaire would also be ok).

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A possible solution: Supporting two users completing a single questionnaire
So what I would like to suggest is to support/introduce surveys required to be completed by two persons. This means, that one group of questions is completed by the employer and another group of questions by the manager. Only when both have completed the questionnaire, it may be considered to be closed.

Since I am a new user of LimeSurvey, and until now I have used it for typical only surveys, to gather statistical data, I am apologizing if this is a feature already available.

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2011-11-10 12:43

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Such questions are better asked at our forum.

There might be different solutions to the problem. You can use tokens and give the same token to two different users and add some explanatory text to indicate which parts each user should fill out.

Another alternative is to use tokens as described above and password protect the following questions which should only be answered by the manager, see

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